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How to remove the virus, blocking antivirus

How to remove the virus, blocking antivirus

Unfortunately, most anti-virus software is not able to cope with absolutely all viruses.

Sometimes you have to search for and remove malicious files and programs.



If you encounter a virus program,which can not be removed by Antivirus, a program that blocks your antivirus startup, do the self-removal of this utility. If your antivirus offers to delete the file, and then confirm the procedure window appears, stating the impossibility to perform the operation, then note the location of the malicious file. Open the "My Computer" and navigate to the folder where is located the file.


Now select it and press the key combinationShift + Delete. click "Yes" button in the window that opens. If you see a message stating that the file is in use by another program, then simultaneously press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete. select "Start Task Manager" option When you work with Windows 7 and Vista.


Now open the tab "Processes". Very carefully examine running on the computer or the laptop program. If you doubt the appointment of a service, then read the data located in the column "Description". After identifying a suspicious program, click on the right mouse button. Click "End Process" and confirm disabling the task. Try again to delete the malicious file.


If you are now unable to remove the infectedfile, run the system in safe mode. To do this, restart your computer and hold down the F8 key. select "Windows Safe Mode" in the right-click menu. Wait until the computer will start the operating system.


Try again to delete the virus file,after removing unnecessary programs and services. If this could not be done, then remove your antivirus software and install another. This helps deal with certain types of viruses.

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