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Removing the card

The gaming industry is the engine of development of computer technologies. Particularly rapidly growing demands on graphics accelerators.

Some lightning-generation graphics cards are replaced by others.

If you decide to install a new graphics card, the first thing you need to remove the card, overage.



Remove all power from the computer system unit. It is advisable to pull the plug from the outlet, to prevent any contact of the computer to the mains.


Turn off fixing screws and remove the sidethe system cover. If possible, it is better to put the system unit on a flat surface to receive the free and unimpeded access to the circuit boards and wires inside the case.


To remove the card, you must disconnect allleads which are connected thereto. If you do not know which of the cards on the system board is responsible for the video, make sure of the wire from the monitor to the system unit. Usually it is the only form of such a cord is used in computers to transmit the digital signal. Remove the screws on both sides, remove the connector corresponding cord.


Inside the system unit card can alsoIt is connected to any wires. For example, it can be supplied separate power supply directly from the main unit. Although most of the graphics card? Powered? the standard slot on the motherboard, into which it is inserted. Carefully inspect it from all sides, and unplug all cables, if any, is still there.


On the inside of the card furthermounted clamp, protect it from possible vibrations and ensures a tight contact with the board. Pressing one finger fasteners with little effort, take it down.


Now you can remove the card. Carefully holding it on both sides, being careful not to make any sudden movements and do not touch the other boards and contacts, remove it from the slot slight rocking. Set the video card in reverse order.

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