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How to remove a video card


How to remove a video card</a>

The gaming industry is the driving force behind the development of computer technology. Especially fast the requirements for graphic accelerators grow.

Some generations of video cards are instantly replaced by others.

If you decide to install a new graphics card, first of all you will need to remove the video card that served its time.



Completely disconnect the power from the computer's system unit. It is advisable to remove the plug from the outlet to prevent the computer from contacting the electrical network.


Unscrew the fixing screws and remove the sideCover of the system unit. If there is such an opportunity, it is better to put the system unit on a horizontal surface in order to get free and unimpeded access to the boards and wires inside.


To remove a video card, you need to disconnect allWires that are connected to it. If you do not know which card on the motherboard is responsible for the video signal, follow the wire from the monitor to the system unit. Usually this is the only cord of this kind used in computers to transmit a digital signal. Unscrew the screws located on both sides, disconnect the connector of the corresponding cord.


Inside the system unit, the video card can alsoBe connected by any wires. For example, it can be supplied with a separate power directly from the main unit. Although most often a graphics card is powered? From the standard slot on the motherboard into which it is inserted. Carefully inspect it from all sides and disconnect all wires, if any, yet.


On the inside of the video cardIt is fixed with a clamp, protecting it from possible vibrations and ensuring more tight contact with the motherboard. Pushing the fastener with one finger with a little effort, pull it down.


Now you can remove the video card. Gently picking it up from two sides, trying not to make sudden movements and not touch other cards and contacts, pull it out of the slot with slight swings. The video card is installed in reverse order.

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