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How to remove a user from the black list


How to remove a user from the black list</a>

"Black list" is a special service from the operator of communication "Megafon". It allows you to block incoming calls from unwanted phone numbers.

After activation of the service, the user can add numbers to the list at any time and delete them from it.



You can delete as each number individually,And all available numbers at once. If you need to remove only one item from the list, use USSD-number * 130 * 079XXXXXXXXX #. But with the help of the second query * 130 * 6 # any user can clear the blacklist with just one action.


In the event that you have not already connectedService, you can do this at 5130. The room is service, you can call it for free. Activation of the blacklist is also available through sending the USSD command * 130 #. After requesting a connection, you will have to wait a bit to receive SMS-notification, or rather, even two. The first of them will inform you that the service has been ordered, and from the second you will learn about activating or not activating the black list. Only after passing such a procedure the subscriber will be able to edit his list.


If you want to specify a number for blockingAny subscriber, use the special USSD-request * 130 * + 79XXXXXXXXX # (type it on the phone's keypad and press the call key). For convenience, the number for sending SMS-messages is also provided. In their text, do not forget to specify the number of the user being blocked, and before him - the + sign. Very important is the addition of a mobile number in a 10-digit format (and only through 7-ku). If you install instead of the figure 7 of the figure eight, the request can be sent with an error, so the required number will not be entered.


After you edit the list,Just check it out (just browse). The request for viewing is available with the short number 5130, which is intended for SMS messages. The text of such a message must contain the INF command. An alternative number to view the list is the USSD request * 130 * 3 #.

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