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How to remove the user from the blacklist

How to remove the user from the blacklist

"Blacklist" - this is a special service from the operator "MegaFon". It allows you to block incoming calls from unwanted numbers for the subscriber.

After activating the service, the user can at any time to add numbers to the list or remove them from it.



You can delete each separate room,and all the rooms at once. If you need to remove from the list only one item, use USSD-number * 130 * 079XXXXXXXXX #. But by the second request * 130 * 6 #, any user can clean the black list in just one action.


In that case, if you have not connected thisservice, you can do it by number 5130. Room is a service, call on him is free. Activate blacklist and is available through sending USSD-command * 130 #. After a request to connect you have to wait a little longer to get SMS notification, or rather, two. The first of them will report that the service carried out the order, and the second, you will learn about how to activate or neaktivatsii blacklist. Only after going through such a procedure, the subscriber will be able to edit your list.


If you want to specify the number to lockany subscriber, use special USSD-request * 130 * + 79XXXXXXXXX # (type it on the phone keypad and press the call key). For the convenience is also provided, and the number to send SMS-messages. In their text, do not forget to specify the number of the blocked user, and before him - a + sign. Very important it is also the introduction of mobile number in the ten-digit format (and only a 7-ku). When installing instead of eight digits 7 request can be sent with an error, so the number you want is not listed.


After you edit the list in theJust in case, check it (a check). Request viewing is available via the short number 5130, which is intended for SMS messages. The text of this message must contain the INF command. An alternative number to view the list is a USSD-request * 130 * 3 #.

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