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How to remove the toilet

Replacing the toilet change the face of the toilet

Replacing a toilet is able to transform any bathroom. No wonder, because the toilet is a central and integral part of any closet, and therefore should look like so that it was nice to sit down.

So you bought a new toilet. But it has to be set.

And in order to establish a new, you must first dismantle the old toilet.

This we now do.



Shut off the cold water and empty the drainflank. Flexible hoses loosen from the tank, as well as from the water supply, because in its place will rise a new one. And in the case of a metal liner need to cut it out of the tube, and then by running water to disassemble the first fitting, in order to be able to wind down nut flexibles.


The next step is the dismantling of fasteningthe toilet to the floor. If the attachment is carried out by means of bolts? unscrew them by cement? break it on the possibility of either the toilet in the places of its fastening to the floor. After you remove the lock, tilt the bowl back to the stop, so that the water remaining in the cavities of the toilet, merged to the end.


Next, disconnect the bell. If it is corrugated, take it easy enough. But to detach the plastic or cast iron bell is necessary to remove the toilet. Flare versed as possible before the first connection. This is necessary to insert a drain flutes. You can also cut a bell the size.


Set in a sewer drain socketcorrugation. For this purpose it is necessary to lubricate the sealant from its entrance to the sewers. Pre-clean the grease and sewer socket itself. Now insert the corrugation to the stop. To smell of sewage in the toilet did not spread, cover with a cloth open entrance flutes.


So it dismantled the toilet. When installing a new toilet consider two cases. In the first case the floor is flat, because the old toilet was fixed to the floor by bolts. If the new toilet fixture like, try to install it on the old place. Drill holes in the floor of the plastic plugs and replace them with new ones. If the old holes have turned out wider than the new plugs, toilet will be unreliable. You will have to drill new holes. Place the assembled new toilet to the place where you want to install it, and then mark the floor space for new openings, given the size of the bowl, and the length of the corrugated liner. Drill the holes, insert the dowels and fix the toilet in place.


If the toilet was cemented in the floor will remaindeepening. Clean the recess of the cement. In typical homes are usually located under the cement wooden mortgage. Basically, you will be able to level the floor by means of a thick solution, installed on top of the toilet and using the mounting screws to fasten it to the wooden mortgage directly through a wet screed of cement. After drying cement you will tighten up the screws. However, there is one caveat: a mortgage can rot over time, so check it on the strength of this way should not be. Better to do screed, especially if, in principle, there is no mortgage. Screed can dry from the day to three days, depending on its constituents. After this time, it can easily hold dowels.


Carefully hammer dowel mounting in ready-holes in the floor. To enter, they should neither difficult nor easy. Stability toilet depends on this step.

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