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How to remove the tint yourself

How to remove the tint yourself

Traffic Regulations in the new edition of the ban on toning windshield and front side windows.

Svetopronikayuschaya ability to be at the level of 75% and 70%, respectively.

Therefore, it is recommended to remove the tint.

You will need

  • - A sharp knife with a thin blade, you can use the office, but is necessary to provide the opportunity to work it as a scraper
  • - Detergent type Ferry or the like
  • - Household plastic spray bottle
  • - hair dryer



Prepare a solution of detergent, slightly diluted with water, and pour into a spray bottle. Now you can proceed to the lifting of dubbing films.
With the help of a hair dryer evenly heat the surfaceFilm about 40-45 degrees. This will soften the adhesive and facilitate the process. Do not zoom in close to the film dryer to prevent it from melting or glass breakage.


If you shoot with tinted side windows, then lower it to half.


Hook knife sharp blade foil from the topof the glass. Carefully peel off her, trying to preserve the integrity, sharp and confident movement. Side window, it should be increased gradually up to full film removal.


Remove remaining after the removal of the adhesive film. To do this, lay a rubber seal glass cloth to prevent the solution inside the doors. Then, splashing on the glass of the atomizer and, after him, gently and carefully scraping the glue with a knife, thoroughly clean the surface of the glass. Remnants of glue remove clean cloth.


Clean the knife edge of the glass, which was the glue.


Carefully review the glass to the light, any remaining particles of glue or tape.


If you have damaged dubbing the film, and she have become detached parts, perform such manipulations with each piece.
Thus, by following the above procedures, you can remove the shading on their own, without resorting to the shopper.

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