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How to remove toning yourself


How to remove toning yourself</a>

The new version of the road traffic regulations prohibits the toning of the front and front side windows.

The light penetrating power should be at 75% and 70%, respectively.

Therefore, it is recommended to remove the toning.

You will need

  • - A sharp knife with a thin blade, you can use a clerical, but you must provide for the possibility of working as a scraper
  • - a Ferri-type detergent or the like
  • - plastic household sprayer
  • - hair dryer



Prepare the detergent solution by slightly diluting it with water, and pour into the nebulizer. Now you can start removing the tint film.
Using a hair dryer, heat the surface evenlyFilms to about 40-45 degrees. This will soften the glue and make the process easier. Do not close the hair dryer close to the film to prevent it from melting or damaging the glass.


If you remove the tint from the side window, then lower it to half.


Tap the sharp blade of the knife film with the topParts of the glass. Carefully peel it off, trying to maintain integrity, with a sharp and confident movement. The side glass should be raised gradually upwards until the film is completely removed.


Remove the adhesive remaining after removing the film. To do this, lay a cloth on the rubber sealant of the glass to prevent solution from entering the doors. Then splashing on the glass from the sprayer and, afterwards, gently and carefully scraping the glue with a knife, completely clean the surface of the glass. Remove the adhesive residue with a clean rag.


Clean the edge of the glass with the knife, where the glue remained.


Look carefully at the glass to see if there are any glue or film remaining.


If you damaged the film of toning, and it has become unstuck by parts, perform such manipulations with each piece.
Thus, by following the above procedures, you can remove the toning yourself, without turning to car repair specialists.

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