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How to remove the tag

How to remove the tag

Imagine that you bought clothes in a shop equipped with protection against unauthorized removal of the goods.

But careless with your purchase you forget to remove the magnetic label.

Now you become the proud owner of his pants with a magnetic label, from which you have to somehow get rid of.

How to do this without the hassle?



Magnetic tag is designed as anozzle with a metal pin and capsules of paint. The through holes of the inner cone inserted beads which fix a metal pin. This pin pierced clothes.


The conical shape is used is not accidental: if you pull the pin, the balls will enter deeper into the cone, in the part that suzhaetsya- at this pin will be fixed more reliably. For greater reliability of the inner cone with balls pressed against a spring. The whole structure is located inside the plastic housing.


Do not try to break tag use a hammer or other mechanical external stimulus. The fact that within the magnet is typically in indelible ink, so it you just mess up the purchased item.


To remove tag with clothes, it leans against the powerful magnet. The outer and inner cone of a magnetic field of different polarity, the inner cone is pushed up, and decompressed balls and release pin.


If you think that with such a case do notmanage, or under the hand you do not have the desired magnet, the easiest way to return to the store where you purchased the thing (for the purchase of a check and grab). Ask the seller to release the item you bought from unnecessary additional accessory. Most likely, you immediately bring help and apologize.

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