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How to remove a tag


How to remove a tag</a>

Imagine that you bought clothes in a store equipped with protection against unauthorized removal of the goods.

But due to inattention from your purchase, you forgot to remove the magnetic tag.

Now you become a happy owner of pants with a magnetic tag, from which you will somehow get rid of.

How to do it without hassle?



The magnetic tag is a constructiveA nozzle with a metal pin and capsules with paint. In the through slots of the inner cone are inserted balls that fix the metal pin. This pin pierces the clothes.


The conical form is not used randomly: If you pull the pin, the balls will go deeper into the cone, into the part that narrows, while the pin will be fixed even more reliably. For greater reliability, the inner cone with the balls is pressed by a spring. The entire structure is located inside the plastic housing.


Do not try to break up Tag Hammer or use another mechanical external influence. The fact is that inside the magnet, as a rule, there is an indelible paint, so you just spoil the purchased item.


To remove Tag With clothes, it is propped against a powerful magnet. On the outer and inner cone there is a magnetic field of different polarity, the inner cone is pushed upward, and the balls expand and release the pin.


If you think that you yourself do notCope, or at hand you do not have the right magnet, then the easiest way is to return to the store with the item purchased there (check for a purchase also grab it). Ask the seller to release the item you bought from an unnecessary accessory. Most likely, you will immediately be helped and apologized.

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