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How to remove belly fat after giving birth

How to remove belly fat after giving birth

Pregnancy and childbirth - a special and joyful event in the life of every woman.

Unfortunately, often after a woman looks in the mirror and upset that does not look as before.



It is best to begin to engage in a priorpregnancy and childbirth. Prepare your abdominal muscles before birth, and then the body will be easier to recover. Go for a special yoga and do exercises for pregnant women.


Already in the 2-3 days after vaginal delivery is possibleproceeding with simple exercises that are done lying down. In addition to bringing in shape, they help the uterus shrink more quickly to its former dimensions, improve blood supply to internal organs. These special exercises are done the first 6 weeks after delivery, you can start already in the hospital.


Belly retracts on exhalation. This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles unnoticed.


Lying bend your knees and lift the pelvis as you exhale.


Starting position lying down, hands placed along the bed. The legs bend at the knees. Turn on the exhale knees to the side, keeping the pelvis.


Supine To reduce shoulder blades together, keeping the head and pelvis from the surface. The exercise is performed on a breath.


After 6 weeks you can move on to more complex exercises. There are special centers, which are made with the child.

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