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How to remove the steering column

Removing the steering column

Under the steering column refers to the gearbox, which is responsible for transmitting the movement of the steering wheel to the drafts.

The result is a change of course vehicle.

But, like all other components of the machine, the steering column eventually becomes unusable due to wear, and this affects the safety.

It is therefore important to monitor the condition of the column and to produce its replacement time.

You will need

  • - schiptsy-
  • - Union key-
  • - zubilo-
  • - Pliers.



In order to remove the steering column is not necessaryuse special equipment, enough presence of a standard set of tools. All work on the removal of the column carried in the car and in the engine compartment.


To begin, remove the steering wheel and turn offignition then №13 spanner wrench, unscrew the bolt that connects the flange elastic intermediate shaft coupling with the gear of the steering mechanism and remove it together with the spring washer.


Loosen the bolt with a shear head. To find it you will be able to place the left front speaker mounting bracket to the body. Loosen the bolt is easiest using a chisel and unscrew it to the end can be pliers. Have done the same with the right mounting bolt.


Now unscrew the nuts of the left and right rear speakers mount bracket to the car body by means of Allen wrench, and then slide the intermediate shaft with the gear slots shank.


Once the shaft is removed from the slots, youYou will be able to easily remove the steering column, which will need to replace the steering intermediate shaft. To do this, unscrew the nut screw terminal connection of the upper and intermediate shafts. Do not forget to hold the bolt with a wrench, so that it was not turned. Now lift it and slide the shaft.


To adjust the clamp tightening torquesteering column, by forceps, spread the retaining ring, and gently remove it. Then remove the lock lever with the slots and move it into the correct position.


Install the steering column after repair must be done in reverse order not forgetting to combine flatted shaft slotted terminals.

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