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How to remove the steering column


How to remove the steering column</a>

Under the steering column is meant a reducer, which is responsible for the transfer of motion from the steering wheel to the traction.

As a result, the course of the car changes.

But, like all the other nodes of the car, the steering column eventually becomes unusable due to wear, and this affects the safety of traffic.

Therefore, it is important to monitor the condition of the column and make a timely replacement.

You will need

  • - tongs-
  • - Folding wrench-
  • - chisel-
  • - pliers.



In order to remove the steering column, you do not needUse special equipment, it is enough to have a standard set of tools. All work on removing the column is carried out in the car interior and in the engine compartment.


First remove the steering wheel and turn offIgnition, and then unscrew the bolt connecting the flange of the elastic coupling of the intermediate shaft to the gear of the steering gear with the spanner wrench No. 13 and remove it together with the spring washer.


Loosen the bolt with the shear head. Find it you can in the place of the left front bracket mounting the column to the body. Loosen the bolt most easily with a chisel, and turn it to the end can be pliers. Do the same with the right-hand mounting bolt.


Now unscrew the nuts of the left and right rear mounting of the column bracket to the body of the car with the spanner, then slide the intermediate shaft from the splines of the shank of the gear.


After the shaft has been removed from the splines, youYou can easily remove the steering column, on which it will be necessary to replace the intermediate steering shaft. To do this, unscrew the bolt nut of the terminal connection of the upper and intermediate shafts. Do not forget to hold the bolt with the key so that it does not rotate. Now remove it and slide the shaft.


To adjust the clamp forceSteering column, using tongs, slide the circlip and gently remove it. After this, remove the lock lever from the splines and move it to the correct position.


Installation of the steering column after repair should be carried out in the reverse order, not forgetting to combine the flattening on the shaft with the slot cut.

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