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How to remove the speed limit

How to remove the speed limit

All parameters of the modern,high-tech engine laid manufacturer in the electronic control unit power plant - EDA, which is located in the passenger compartment, under the front panel.

Typically, designers install software that limits the development of the maximum engine speed, and therefore, the vehicle is limited to the set maximum speed.

You will need

  • A computer,
  • special software.



To make changes to the parameters set in the factory, on the operation of the engine, it is necessary to perform the procedure, referred to as "chip-tuning".


Changing the preset electronic engine control unit settings, you must trust only highly qualified specialists with higher education.


On request can be maderemoval of restrictions on the speed of the car kit. To achieve the desired result to the control unit, you can install the program "Sport", which will change the parameters of the engine with the "moderate", installed at the factory, on the "sports".

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