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All car owners love theiriron horses. After all, they can comfortably move from point A to point B. But, unfortunately, this comfort is often disrupted the appearance of the cabin of a strong smell of gasoline.

What do you do if during the next trip, you feel it in your salon?

You will need

  • Guide your vehicle operation, a standard set of tools for the vehicle.



First of all, it should be said about the prevention of the emergence of odor gasoline in the cabin. Timely diagnosis pass on the correct operation of all systems of your car. This will help avoid most problems. Remember, the sooner the problem is corrected, the less damage will be done to your car. Timely technical inspection will save money. Pay attention to the ground under the car when leaving a parking space. The appearance of a typical car spots - a sign of the emergence of direct damage.


Once you smell gasolineinterior, pay attention to the interior - mats, blankets and everything else. Perhaps gasoline fell accidentally inside. Then be a good wash and clean the soiled parts. If gasoline spills on the cases, it is better to replace them, because now they have turned into flammable material. It is very dangerous. One piece of coal that had fallen from a burning cigarette, and this case will flash like a match.


If after checking the source of the cabin was not foundand the smell has not disappeared, then carefully check whether disconnect hoses. Very often disconnected hose to the fuel pump. Remove the fuel tank cover. Beneath it are the hoses, which can also detach and become a source of sharp odor gasoline.


If you can not find the source of their own,you should immediately contact the service. And extremely dangerous to overtake a car on their own. The smell can be caused by leakage of fuel. In case of contact with a spark on the damaged area, the car lights. Therefore, it is best to call a tow truck and use it to transport the machine. It should be noted that the smell of gasoline in the old domestic models is not the cause of failure. It is present in the cabin due to poorly thought out ventilation adsorber.

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