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How to remove the smell of gasoline

How to remove the smell of gasoline

If you decide to repair your owncar, except for certain benefits and pleasure of self-repair, and be ready for some negative consequences. For example, the most common of them - this stubborn smell of gasoline.

To cope with this problem can be.



Buy expensive powder. In large supermarkets and even DIY stores now sell a variety of special tools for removing stains and oils removal smelland gasoline. If you are not sure exactly what you need, please contact your dealer or advisor shopping center. They can give you more information about each of the present products that will help you make the right choice.


Use a purchased solution or powderaccording to instructions. As a rule, it can be used as a conventional laundry detergent, adding or completely replacing the conventional structure. Remember that it is better to put a little than a lot since the surplus funds can not be removed, and tissue damage.

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Take advantage of cheaper resources, ifthe above method does not suit you. Try to soak clothes in a strong solution of lemon juice and plain water. Two cut and carefully squeezed lemons should be enough for one shirt. On overalls made of thick fabric take three or even four. Pre-heat the water and soak the clothes in it. After the temperature will drop slightly, squeeze the right amount of lemon juice and stir the water. 5-10 minutes should suffice, and after that things can simply be rinsed manually or using the washing machine.

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Use oils with herbs, if this method does not fit. It will smell incense also quite long, but feel smell orchids better than benzene. Pour the oil bottle in a basin and lower in his clothes, leave it for 30-40 minutes. After carefully rinse and dry.

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