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How to remove the smell of a cat in the house

How to remove the smell of a cat in the house

Domestic cats - very charming creature. They are beautiful, clean, unpretentious and have the gift to create comfort in the house.

However, their content has a little problem - a specific smell, which may occur in the apartment.

With the help of improvised means easy to get rid of him.



Own smell cats do not have the - the naturepredator, waits in ambush victim, forcing them to carefully monitor the cleanliness of her coat. However, cats feces and urine, not cleaned in time, may produce very sharp and unpleasant "aroma".


Finding the characteristic smell of the cats in theirapartment, try to find its source. Perhaps you forgot to clean the litter box in time. Remove the filler used, wash your container and fill it with fresh granules. When cleaning the tray, do not use tools with sharp aroma - if your cat does not like her pot, she could find another place for their natural needs.


You have found a puddle in the wrong place? Wipe the floor with any cleanser with citrus flavor. Oranges and lemons cats can not tolerate, and is unlikely to want to visit your pet coveted corner again.


If the cat continues to leave puddles purchasespecial detergent to eliminate cat odor (available at pet store). Treat them to the floor, leave for half an hour and then rinse with clean water. Not a bad option - drugs such as "Antigadin" in a spray. They have quite a strong floral aroma and completely neutralize unpleasant odors. Spray the spray on already washed the floor a special tool.


If the cat urine got on upholstered furniturecarpets, wash the affected area with water and then treat the cleaner furniture. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Above you can sprinkle "Antigadinom". Be careful with white and light fabrics - spray can leave them on the spot.


Do you want to quickly get rid of "the catflavors "? Open the windows, creating a draft in the room. Liberally spray the air freshener in the room, at which the bottle is marked "Eliminates odors from pets." Do not use it indoors - many aerosols may cause coughing.


Uncastrated males are sexually maturecook hosts another unpleasant surprise - mark. Animal urine sprinkles on any items, furniture, walls. The vertical surface is much more difficult to launder. Moreover, under stress the cat is able to tag almost continuously. Punishing him is useless, the only way - castration. Finding labels, wipe the furniture and floor disinfectant wipes, mats, slippers and wash the cushions. Paper or paper marked with a cat, it is better to simply throw.

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