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How to remove the smell in the apartment of the elderly


How to remove the smell in the apartment of the elderly</a>

In the apartments of the elderly, especially those whoLive alone without the support of children and grandchildren, there is a peculiar smell caused by multiple causes. With age, people are increasingly sick, feel bad, because of what less pays attention to hygiene and cleanliness.

In addition, small pensions call for maximum savings on everything, including cleaning, detergents and personal hygiene products.

To get rid of the smell, do a generalCleaning. The most effective way to deal with any smell is repair, but if you do not have the time and money to engage in such large-scale activities, then general cleaning will be quite enough.

Remove and wash all the curtains, bed linen,Put in the sun pillows, mattresses, blankets. Even better, if you take them to the dry cleaning, taking with them carpets and carpets. Professional masters will clean the most modern equipment. If you additionally pay for the aromatization, then all things will have the flavor that you desire.

Get everything out of the closets, mezzanines and chiffoniers. Go through all the things, get rid of unnecessary trash, but do not forget to ask the permission of pensioners beforehand, since everything that seems young unfit for the elderly is very valuable and expensive. All the necessary things to re-erase, as often the smell in the apartment is caused by the fact that things lie for years and from them emanates the smell of decay. Wash the windows, clean the plumber with chlorine-containing products

Wash the elderly. Do the washing daily. Sometimes it is very difficult for older people to take shower even by themselves, not to mention the bath or bathhouse, which has to be washed in private houses, especially in rural areas, as there is simply no shower or bath.

Put things in order in the storerooms and basements, if they are available. Disassemble and take out all the old trash, whitewash the cellar and pantry.

Buy an automatic air freshener. Put on the cylinder in each room of the apartment. Do not forget several times a day to ventilate the apartment through a continuous flow of air.

Comprehensive activities are sure to help you cope with the smell. The apartment will smell fresh and clean.

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