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How to remove the smell in the apartment of the elderly

How to remove the smell in the apartment of the elderly

In the apartments of elderly people, especially those wholive alone without the support of their children and grandchildren, there is a peculiar smell, caused by multiple factors. With age, people are increasingly ill, not feeling well, because of which pays less attention to hygiene and cleanliness.

In addition, small pensions are calling the most to save on everything, including cleaners, detergents and personal care products.

To get rid of the smell, the general conductcleaning. The most effective way to deal with any smells - this repair, but if you do not have time and resources to engage in such large-scale events, the general cleaning will be enough.

Remove and wash all the curtains, bedding,carry up to sun cushions, mattresses, blankets. Better yet, if you will take them to the dry cleaners, taking the carpets and rugs. Professional masters spend cleaning the most modern equipment. If you pay extra for flavoring, then all things will have the flavor that you want.

Pull out all of the cabinets, mezzanines and wardrobe. Go through all the stuff, get rid of unnecessary stuff, but do not forget to ask permission from seniors, as all that seems unfit young, very valuable and expensive for the elderly. All the right things perestirayte, as is often the smell in the apartment due to the fact that things are over the years and from the odor of decay. Wash the windows, clean the plumbing chlorine-containing agents

Wash the elderly. Perform daily cleaning procedure. Sometimes it is very difficult for older people to take their own, even a shower, not to mention the tub or bath, in which it is necessary to wash in private homes, especially in rural areas, as no soul, no bath just yet.

Place your order in the storerooms and basements, if they are available. Disassemble and knock out all the old stuff, blanch the cellar and pantry.

Buy auto air freshener. Put on the cylinder in each room of the apartment. Do not forget a few times a day to ventilate the apartment through-flow of air.

Complex events are sure to help you cope with the smell. The apartment will smell fresh and clean.

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