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How to remove the shadow

How to remove the shadow

At various sites in photobanks setsPhoto Cliparts often contains photographs of objects from which falls the shadow. Make a photo using only the camera is difficult, since the lack of shade required subject illuminated from all sides.

For the complete disappearance of the shadows in the image requires its graphical editing.

Remove shadow on any photo can be in the "Photoshop" program, the cost of processing the image only a few minutes.

You will need

  • - The program "Photoshop"
  • - Photo where you want to remove the shadow



Highlight shadow the image tool "Pen". To edit the resulting circuit can use the tool "Pen +", increasing the number of reference points of mouse clicks on the stroke contour lines and transforming their movement. Then, without moving the cursor to the line of the stroke, click on the right mouse button and select "Make Selection." Field shading mark of 0 pixels and "Smoothing" tick in the box to the allocation was as accurate as possible.

shade selection tool & laquo-Perot & raquo-


Remove the selection by clicking the Delete button. Remove the selection team "Selection - Deselect."

the image after removal of the shade


If the background image is a uniform color, but notWhite, then click on the background of the tool "eyedropper" to the desired color appears in the toolbar. Select the tool "Fill" and fill the selected color is the place where it was shadow. If for some reason about the object visibleremnants of the shadow, then zoom in using the tool "Magnifier" and select the appropriate size hard brush, paint over the unwanted portions of the background color. To remove the remaining parts of the shade can also use the tool "Polygonal Lasso", highlighting requiring adjustment of the picture and filling them with the background color by choosing "Edit-Fill".


If the background is non-uniform image and repeating, for the recovery area, where there was shadow, Create a new layer underneath the image layer. Rename any name and remove the top layer of the white area on the former site of the shadow tool "Magic Wand". "Stamp" Skloniruyte suitable background site tool. The lower layer of the stamp imprints do so that they show through "cut" area of ​​the upper layer.


If the background image complex and can not berestore tool "Stamp", then select the whole thing with the "Pen" tool and choose "Selection-Invert." After this command is selected is not the picture itself and the background around it. Remove the background by clicking the Delete button.

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