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How to remove security code from your phone

How to remove security code from your phone

Many cell phones provided a so-called security code.

It serves to prevent accessthird parties to confidential information of the phone owner. If the phone is stolen or was lost, outsiders will be difficult to remove the code.

In case if you happen to forget your security code of the phone and you need to remove it, you can use one of the methods listed below.



Reflash phone. If you change the software, which is inside the phone, all the codes set by the user, are reset. To flash the phone, use the connection to the computer using a usb wire, then use the program to flash. It is clean and the firmware version, you can easily find on the Internet.


If you are not ableuse the method specified in the number one step, use the method reset the firmware. To do this, contact your mobile phone manufacturer to get the code reset the firmware. In this case, erase all data that has been saved on your phone, the phone back to its factory condition.


Also, you can use the factory reset code. In this case, the data are not erased, but all of the settings have been made you reset including the security code. Then there are two possibilities: either a security code has been completely removed, or it will be reset to the code that is used by default. In this case, you need only to contact the manufacturer to find out the standard security code.

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