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How to remove limescale on the teapot

How to remove limescale on the teapot

How to remove this nasty scum on the teapot?

Perhaps this question excites each owner. Unfortunately, from it can not escape, even if you are using a water filter, with time limescale deposited in the kettle.

But if your kettle ceased to shine, there are several proven methods as from it easily and instantly get rid of.



Fill the kettle with cold water and pour itSP2 citric acid. Boil. After boiling the mixture let stand, and then the water should be drained and rinsed makers. Pour over a portion of fresh water by boiling it again. Pour the boiled water is necessary once again, because it can settle citric acid.
Citric acid number depends on the scale. this procedure is best performed regularly, once a month, then remove the scum on the teapot will be much easier.


The kettle pour the water, pour 1 tbsp. spoonful of soda, and boil for 30 minutes. Then pour water and pour a new one with the addition of 1 tbsp. spoons citric acid, boiling again. Lemon water is necessary to pour again and pour the new water with vinegar (just half a cup) and boil, too. After this procedure, you need kettle boil 3 more times in order to avoid poisoning with acetic acid.


The kettle pour hot water and boil it. Add Article 2.5. spoons of drinking water and boil for another 30-40 minutes. The solution drain. The kettle again pour clear water and add vinegar essence. This solution was boiled for 30 minutes. After the last treatment, the scale is easy to remove the layer from the pot wall.


The kettle, pour a solution of vinegar. Heat the fire up to 70 ° C and hold at this kettle heat for 30 minutes. Then wash thoroughly and boil again.


To remove scale you can also use a carbonated drink? Sprite ?. To do this, pour the soda into the kettle and boil, the scum would go without problems.


Remove the scum on the teapot as possible and the following method: boil the kettle from the peel of apples and pears, and he will get the original appearance and color, scale instantly disappear.

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