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How to remove the restriction on the Internet


How to remove the restriction on the Internet</a>

Most companies useProxy server through which employees go online. In order to filter sites that are open to visitors, a ban is set on visiting sites such as social networks, file sharing sites and entertainment content sites.

In order to remove this restriction on the Internet, you need to use one of the ways with which you can visit any sites.



Use the google search engine cache. Enter the name of the site in the search box and place the desired site in the search results. After you find it, click on the "Saved Copy" link to view the site using the saved version of the page. This method is applicable in order to browse websites on a page-by-page basis.


Install the Opera mini browser on your computer. If you use this site, the information to you is not directly transmitted, but through the proxy server opera.com. Originally this browser was designed for mobile phones, so if you want to use it, you will need to pre-install a java emulator that will allow you to run java applications on your computer, including Opera mini.


Use the service of anonymizers. Anonymizer - a site through which you can go to any resource you are interested in. It operates on the same principle as opera mini, but does not require the installation of programs. Find the anonymizer through the search engine, then enter on the site the address you want to go to. Remember that when using all the above methods, the address is encrypted not only for the proxy server, but also for the history, which makes it almost impossible to track your activity on the Internet.

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