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How to remove links in the address bar

How to remove links in the address bar

The drop-down list of links in your browser displays the contents of the browsing history, automatically save the program.

When you delete a row from the list it takes its place next in chronological link, so to fully clean it necessary to delete all browsing history.

This feature is available in all modern browsers.



To clear the list of links in the address row Opera browser open in its menu section"Settings", and then start cleaning the history dialog visits, by selecting "Delete private data". Expand the window completely by clicking on the link "Detailed Settings" - hidden part contains detailed installation forthcoming operation. Read the default exposed the marks, so as not to delete any important data (such as passwords), and most importantly - make sure you have the mark of the "Clear browsing history". Start the process by clicking "OK".


To remove all links from the list in Mozilla FireFox is necessary to open the settings window by clicking on row "Settings" section in the "Tools" menu of your browser. In the "Privacy" that window is placed button labeled "Clear Now" - click it. The button opens the "Clear Private Data", where you need to put a label next to "Browsing History." Then start the process by pressing the "Clear Private Data Now" button.


To delete a list of links in Internet Explorerclick "Delete Browsing History", placed in the section "Tools" menu of Internet Explorer. In the Settings window, click "Clear History" in the "Journal", and then confirm your selection by pressing the "Yes" in the dialog box.


Removing the drop-down list with linksGoogle Chrome browser, start by pressing the hot keys ctrl + shift + del and select the command "Clear browsing data documents" in the section "Tools" menu. Specify the depth of history, which is necessary to clear the list of address records, select the "Clear browsing history" and click "Delete browsing data."


For the destruction of data in the drop-down listApple Safari browser address line, open the menu section "History" and then click "Clear History." The browser will require confirmation - click on the button "Clear".

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