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How to remove links in the address bar


How to remove links in the address bar</a>

A drop-down list of links in the browser's address bar displays a portion of the content of the browsing history that is automatically saved by the program.

If you delete a line from this list, its place is taken by the next link in the history, so to completely clean it, you must delete the entire history of visits.

This function is provided in all modern browsers.



To clear the list of links in the address Line Opera browser, open the section"Settings" and launch the dialog of clearing the history of visits by selecting "Delete personal data". Expand this window completely by clicking on the "Detailed Configuration" link - the hidden part contains detailed settings for the upcoming operation. Carefully review the default checkboxes so that you do not delete any important data (for example, passwords), and most importantly, make sure that the "Clear browsing history" checkbox is checked. Start the procedure by clicking on the "OK" button.


To remove all links from the list in Mozilla FireFox, open the settings window by clicking on Line "Settings" in the "Tools" section of the browser menu. On the "Privacy" tab of this window there is a button with the word "Clear now" - click it. The button opens the "Delete personal data" window, where you need to put a checkmark next to "Visitor log". Then start the process by clicking the "Delete Now" button.


To delete a list of links in Internet ExplorerSelect "Delete Browsing History" in the "Tools" section of the Internet browser menu. In the settings window, click the "Delete History" button in the "Log" section, and then confirm your choice by clicking the "Yes" button in the dialog box that appears.


Deleting a drop-down list with links toGo to the Google Chrome browser by pressing ctrl + shift + del hot keys or selecting "Delete scanned data" in the "Tools" section of the menu. Specify the depth of the history to which you want to clear the list of address entries, mark the field "Clear browsing history" and click the "Clear browsing data" button.


To destroy data in the drop-down listAddresses of the Apple Safari browser open the "History" section in the menu and select the "Clear history" command. The browser will require confirmation - click the "Clear" button.

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