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How to remove the rearview mirror on the Mercedes


How to remove the rearview mirror on the Mercedes</a>

Mirrors of a car often suffer from contact with obstacles and other cars. And Mercedes is no exception.

A damaged rear view mirror must be repaired or replaced with a new one.

And first of all - remove it.



For removal of mirrors with manual adjustmentRelease the clamp of the mirror adjustment knob and remove this handle. On the inside of the door, remove the mirror cover. To do this, detach its upper part, slide the cover up and remove it from the door. Unscrew the three screws securing the mirror and remove the mirror. Remove the rubber seal, located between mirrorM and the door. If the seal is damaged, replace it with a new one. When installing the mirror, proceed in the reverse order. Loop in the mechanism of mirror adjustment is eliminated by tightening the screw located near the adjustment knob.


For removal of a mirror with an electric driveAdjust the decorative cover from the inside of the door in the same way as in paragraph 1. Unscrew the screw securing the electrical connector of the mirror and disconnect the connector itself. Unscrew the screws securing the mirror, remove it from the door. Do not forget to remove and check the condition of the rubber seal between mirrorM and the door. Install in the reverse order.


To remove the mirror glass,So that its inner side is maximally drowned in the mirror housing. In other words, push the mirror glass from the inside forward. Insert a plastic or wooden wedge between the body and the mirror glass. Carefully remove the mirror glass. Please note: the electric motor is glued to the mirror glass. Therefore, care when removing will not break the glass. If there is a heating mirror, disconnect the electrical connectors from the heating element of the mirror. With the mirror glass removed, it is possible to remove the mirror adjustment motor.


On old models of Mercedes there is an external fastening of a mirror to a door on three bolts. To remove it, add up mirror Back, unscrew the bolts and take out the mirror housing outwards. At the same time, use a screwdriver to lightly press the spring clip that holds mirror. After removing the mirror housing, the spring in the upper part of the glass should be disengaged. Disconnect the mirror heating wires.

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