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How to remove the rear-view mirror on Mercedes

Removing the rear-view mirror on Mercedes

Car Mirrors often suffer when in contact with obstacles and other cars. And Mercedes is no exception.

A damaged rear-view mirror must be repaired or replaced.

And first of all - take it off.



To remove the mirrors with manual adjustmentrelease the knob mounting bracket mirror and remove the handle. On the inner side of the door, remove the cover of the mirror. To do this, disconnect the top, slide the cover up and remove it from the door. Remove the three screws that secure the mirror and remove itself mirror. Remove the rubber seal located between mirrorm and the door. If the seal is damaged, replace it with a new one. When installing a mirror, proceed in reverse order. Backlash in the mechanism of adjusting the mirrors is eliminated by tightening the screw located near the knob.


To remove the power mirrorremove trim adjustment to the inner side of the door, just as in claim 1. Remove the screw that secures the mirror electrical connector and disconnect the connector itself. Unscrew the screws fixing the mirror, remove it from the door. Do not forget to check the condition of the rubber seal between the mirrorm and the door. Install in the reverse order.


Turn the mirror glass to remove the glass soto its inner side maximum drowned herself in the mirror housing. In other words, click on the mirror glass inside forward. Insert a plastic or wooden wedge between the housing and the mirror glass. Carefully remove the mirror glass. Note: the glass mirror is glued motor. Therefore caution when removing the glass will not break. In the presence of heat mirror, disconnect electrical connections from the heating element mirrors. When removed, the glass mirror offers the possibility of removing the engine adjust the mirror.


On older models of Mercedes found outside mirror mount to the door on the three bolts. To his relief fold mirror back, unscrew the screws and remove the mirror housing to the outside. At the same time a screwdriver lightly press the spring clip that holds mirror. After taking the mirror housing the spring on top of the glass Disengage. Disconnect the mirror heating.

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