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How to remove the rear bumper


How to remove the rear bumper</a>

Examining the rear bumper of the car VAZ 2110, involuntarily there is a feeling of insecurity in their own forces, especially in those cases when it is his own removal from the body of the car.

This feeling is formed due to the impressive dimensions of the specified part.

You will need

  • The socket wrench is 10 mm,
  • Curved screwdriver.



In this case, the most popular is the wisdom of the people, which reads: "The eyes are afraid, but their hands are doing it!".


At the first stage, it is necessary to de-energize the car. This task is achieved by simply disconnecting the "mass" cable from the battery.


Then opens the luggage compartment, inside whichRemoves the upholstery of the rear seat and the lining of the right side of the trunk. After that, access to the electrical connectors is opened, by means of which the power supply to the illumination plafonds of the rear license plate is brought - we disconnect them, and unscrew the nut of the lantern contact wire with the weight on the body.


After doing the above, unscrew the rear bumper mounting bolts on the side, one on each side.


And after the two bolts of the lower bumper mount are unscrewed, the specified part of the body of the car shifts against the car's travel and is removed.

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