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Removing the rear bumper

Looking around the rear bumper of the car VAZ 2110, could not help a feeling of uncertainty in their own abilities, especially in cases where the will of his own hand with the removal of the body of the machine.

Such a feeling is generated due to the impressive size of the specified items.

You will need

  • Socket wrench 10 mm
  • Phillips head screwdriver.



In this case, the most relevant popular wisdom, which states: "The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing!".


The first step is to disconnect the car. This object is achieved by simply disconnecting the battery cable from the "masses".


Next, open the luggage compartment, within whichremoved padding down and facing the right side of the trunk. After that allows access to the electrical connectors by which electrical power is supplied to the room lamp Rear license plate - sever them and unscrew at the back of the trolley wire Gadget lamps with mass.


Having done the above steps, unscrewed the rear bumper bolts on the side, one on each side.


And after be turned out two bolts of the bottom fastening of a bumper, said part of the car body moves against stroke machine, and remove.

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