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How to remove the heater radiator


How to remove the heater radiator</a>

Regardless of what happened to your heater radiator (it is leaking, requires replacement or repair), you must first be able to remove it correctly, without aggravating the whole situation.

Just follow the instructions below.

In this article, the most difficult option is considered? Removal of the stove radiator with a "classic"? Model of VAZ.

You will need

  • From the tools you will need: the keys to? 7 ?,? 8? And? 10 ?, screwdrivers (conventional and cross).



Before you start, you can drain the coolant (antifreeze or water) from the cooling system, but this is not necessary, since with careful execution of the whole process, the losses will be insignificant.


In the hood space there are two hoses(Supply and discharge), tightened with clamps on metal fittings of the radiator of the stove. With a screwdriver, loosen the clamps and pull both hoses together. There are also rubber seals at the nozzles, which must also be removed.


In the salon, you need to unscrew and remove the shelf-panel radio (usually it is attached with two screws).

Then screwdriver or a key on? 7? It is necessary to unscrew the clamp of the cable of the drive of the stove cock and remove the cable.


Using a screwdriver, remove the 4 spring clips,Located around the perimeter of the fan heater housing. After removing the brackets, the housing must be lowered slightly and moved to the left, since it will not be completely removed by wires coming from the fan motor.
Now you can easily get the radiator of the stove from the case.

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