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How to remove the oven radiator

Removing the oven radiator

Regardless of what happened to your radiator heater (it occurs, requires replacement or repair), you first need to be able to correctly remove it without aggravating when this whole situation.

To do this, simply follow the instructions below.

This article discusses the most complex version? Removing the oven radiator? classic? VAZ models.

You will need

  • Of the tools you will need:?? Keys to 7 ?, 8? and? 10 ?, screwdriver (regular and Phillips).



Before you start, you can drain the coolant (antifreeze or water) cooling system, but not necessarily, since the accurate performance of the whole process will be minor loss.


In the engine compartment there are two hose(Inlet and outlet), clamps tightened on the metal nozzles heating cooler. Using a screwdriver, loosen the clamps and pull off both hoses. There have nozzles arranged rubber seals, which are also to be removed.


Inside, it is necessary to unscrew and remove the shelf-board radio (usually secured by two screws).

Further, a screwdriver or a wrench? 7? it is necessary to loosen the cable clamp drive faucet stove and remove the cable.


Use a screwdriver to remove the 4 spring clips,located on the perimeter of the heater fan housing. After removal of the caliper must be a little bit lower and move to the left, so removing it completely will not allow the wires from the fan motor.
Now you can easily reach the stove body from the radiator.

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