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How to remove a radiator heater VAZ 21099

How to remove a radiator heater VAZ 21099

heating radiator on the car VAZ 21099 was withdrawn in the event of a coolant stains in the cabin or for prophylactic cleaning and washing hundred technical staff.

To remove the radiator, not necessarily appeal to the body shop, as all the work you can do yourself without the use of a professional lift.

You will need

  • - M10 spanners and M8-
  • - A tank for collecting cooling water (not less than 5 L) -
  • - Flat screwdriver-
  • - crosshead screwdriver.



Carefully disconnect the negative cable from thebattery terminals, and then remove the protection crankcase. At the same time, take care that the expansion tank cap and he had a cold tap fully open.


Drain the coolant from the system. To do this, unscrew the plug hole. It is precisely designed to drain the excess fluid from the fuel system Vaz 21099. Be sure to substitute the container under the drain plug of the radiator, while necessarily be aware that its volume was able to accommodate at least five liters of fluid.


After the coolant is completely drained, disconnect the connector wires connected to an electrical fan. Have done the same with the two fan sensor wire.


Loosen the hose clamps, tightening outlet,and supply of steam-hoses. Then carefully remove all three shlanga.Eto will allow you to remove the radiator brackets. To do so, unfasten the two nuts, which can be found at the top of the casing of the electric fan.


Now you can proceed to the removal ofradiator, located in the engine compartment. At the same time, keep in mind that it is taken only with the fan housing, which, in turn, is mounted on the three bolts and one nut. They need to be unscrewed to disengage the fan shroud from the radiator to Vaz 21099.


In the lower bracket are two pillows. Carefully inspect and evaluate the condition. If the cushions have lost elasticity, tear or become dilapidated, be sure to replace them.


After the heating radiator in the 21099 Vaz will be in your hands, you can proceed to his repair or cleaning, depending on the purpose for which it was filmed.

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