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How to remove a program from the hard disk


One of the causes of computer crashes is the result of incorrect deletion of programs from the hard disk.

There are several simple procedures, following which one can avoid undesirable consequences.



Do not uninstall applications by moving the folder withDisk to the recycle bin. This method of deletion is acceptable only if you installed this program in the same way - by copying the folder & nbsp-with the program to the hard disk.


If you installed the application usingA special installation program (installer), then delete it with the help of a special uninstall program - uninstaller. It is in the same folder as the application itself. Locate the "uninstall.exe" or "uninst.exe" file in the folder and start it. The uninstallation process will begin. Follow the step-by-step instructions and the program will do everything for you.


Another way to run the uninstaller program is via the Start menu: "All Programs - The name of the application to be uninstalled."


Sometimes there are such applications that do notThey have an uninstaller program. In this case, use the standard installation and uninstallation program from the Windows operating system itself. Open it through the "Start - Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs" menu.
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In the window that opens, select from the list of programsAnd click the Remove button. Confirm that you really want to delete the selected program and run the uninstall process. Then again follow the instructions.
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If for some reason unknown to you, youYou can not delete an application, use special uninstallers. They effectively remove not only the applications themselves, but also the so-called "tails" in the registry. True, these programs have a number of shortcomings. They require special knowledge and skills in their use, most often the interface in English, take up a lot of space, improper handling can not free them, but rather clog the hard drive.

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