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How to remove plaster


How to remove plaster</a>

To remove the old plaster from the walls,It is necessary to first examine the entire surface and make sure it is worth removing completely the plaster or just remove from the walls only the places requiring repair.

Prepare the necessary tool for work, we will tell you how to properly remove the plaster.

You will need

  • Scraper, spatula, hammer, possibly another tool, eyewear, mittens and overalls



Take the hammer and tap the entire surface of the working area. Plaster, which is kept weakly, should easily crack and fall off. Then take the scraper and clean the walls.


If the plaster is kept very firmly on the surface and does not fall off from the blows with a hammer, it is necessary to moisten the working surface.


To moisten the internal walls (so as not to fill the room with water), take a bucket of water with a rag or brush and, soaking a rag (brush), moisten abundantly not lagging behind Plaster (You can perform the procedure several times).


Give time for the plaster to get wet and soften. After that, again, tapping with a hammer, try to knock it off the wall (the wet plaster will fall off much easier).


After the bulk of the plaster is removed, you will only have to scrape the wall with a scraper and a rough brush.

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