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How to remove the pellets from the clothes

How to remove the pellets from the clothes

How to remove the pellets from the clothes? an important issue for many women who want to give a new view of your favorite things. You can do this on their own, citing the order of things of different kinds of knitted fabrics, including mohair or angora.

The only thing that you will need? This razor or toothbrush.



Favorite jerseys, even branded sooneror later are covered by the spool. Throw them pity, and such a thing can be put in order and on their own, without the garment restorers in modern studio. If you are interested in how to remove pellets from the clothes, you can use the following tips:
Buy a special machine for cutting away a pellet,and if you do not? it does not matter, it can replace conventional shaving machine tool, but do not take a new razor and use a slightly blunted edge, so as not to damage the very thing knitting.


Extremely carefully pulling at the thing itselfprevent sagging knitted fabric, cut the pellets with a razor, though it will take some time, begin to clean up from the back, then clean the sleeve, and only then? the front part of the knitted items.


After work through it gently razor side seams on the outer side, since the arms create friction and pellets in these places often occur.


If you need to clean up from the soft pelletknitting thing mohair or angora wool, razor blades in this case is not admissible. The answer to the question of how to remove the pellets from the clothes is quite simple? you need to use a soft brush, toothbrush, you can, you want to change for a long time a new one.


Then gently clean the sweater or jacketbrush toward fluffy fibers with anti-tease fibers arrangement is undesirable because it may damage the product. Special attention to cleaning elbows sweaters.


Knitted sweater mohair after brushinga half-hour soak in warm water with vinegar, then it will be more fluffy, and then dry it by putting a towel to dry away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

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