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How to remove spools from clothes

How to remove spools from clothes</a>

How to remove spools from clothes? An important issue for many women who are trying to give a new kind of favorite thing. You can do this yourself, bringing things in order from different types of knitwear, including mohair or angora wool.

The only thing you need? This is a razor or toothbrush.



Favorite knitwear, even branded, earlyOr late cover with pellets. To throw them out is a pity, and such a thing can be put in order and independently, without recourse to restorers of clothes in modern ateliers. If you are interested in how to remove spools from clothes, you can use the following tips:
Buy a special machine for cleaning the spools,And if you do not? It does not matter, you can replace it with an ordinary shaving machine, only take the razor, not a new, but used, with a slightly blunt blade, so as not to damage the knitted thing itself.


Extremely neat, pulling the thing itself inAvoid sagging of knitted fabric, cut the pellets with a razor, although it will take time, start cleaning from the back, then clean the sleeves, and only then? Front part of knitting thing.


After this, gently work the razor side seams from the outside, since the hands create friction, and the pellets at these places occur most often.


If you need to clean from the spools tenderKnitted thing of mohair or angora wool, the shaving machine in this case is not permissible. The answer to the question of how to remove sprues from clothes is pretty simple? You need to use a soft brush, you can have a toothbrush, which you want to change for a long time to a new one.


After that, gently clean the sweater or jacketBrushing in the direction of the fluffy fibers, while combing against the location of the fibers is undesirable, since this can spoil the product. Pay special attention to cleaning the elbows of the sweater.


Knitted sweater of mohair after brushingFor half an hour, soak in warm water with the addition of vinegar, after that it will become more fluffy, and then dry, putting on a dry towel away from direct sunlight or heating appliances.

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