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How to remove the password for the zip archive


How to remove the password for the zip archive</a>

Probably, there are no users who do notHad to deal with archives. The advantage of archives is not only that you can compress information, but also that you can put passwords on them, thereby restricting access to the file.

But sometimes by negligence you can set a password and after a while forget it.

Also, recently archived files with passwords are distributed on the Internet.

But to get access to the file, you need to pay the password.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - the ARCHPR program.



In such situations, the question ofPossible removal of the password of the archive. Although you can not simply delete the password, because the files inside such archives are encrypted. The only way is to search. There are programs that allow it to be done, and if it is problematic to determine the password in the case of the rar-archive, since a lot depends on its length and types of characters, in the case of the zip-archive things are different, and the chances of successfully decoding the password are much greater.


Download the latest version of ARCHPR andInstall it on your computer. Run the program. In her menu, click Open. Next, with the help of the overview, find the required archive, select it with the left mouse button, then from the bottom in the window click "Open". Now, in the main program menu, find the "Attack Type" option. Click the arrow under this option and select "Guaranteed WinZip Decryption". After that, in the program menu, click "Start". Now much depends on the version of the archiver, with which the given archive was created. If early versions of the archiver were used to create it, then the chances for decryption are higher, if new versions, then the chances for a successful outcome fall.


If the previous method did not help you, in the parameter"Attack Type" select "Overbearing". Then go to the Length tab. In the situation with the zip-archive, set the length from one to ten characters. Of course, if you know the exact number of characters, for example, if you decode your personal archive and the password is simply forgotten, then you just need to put the same value in the minimum and maximum columns. Now click "Start". The password retrieval process starts. Be ready for a long wait for its end (the procedure can take up to more than ten hours). When the operation is complete, a report appears. If everything goes well, the password will be there.

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