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"Vkontakte" - the popular social network,where the audience is about 250 million users. Although promoted this network, some users have a desire to delete your account.

This can be done without problems, according to para. 4.14 of the rules "Vkontakte".

Unusual methods of the "disappearance" of "Vkontakte"

On various sites, where advice and providedrecommendations on a variety of topics and issues, as well as forums where knowledgeable, users share their own experiences, there are many tips on how to remove the page "Vkontakte". This is due to it was the fact that this function in the social originally was not simple. That came up with users and more new methods, which then sounded pleased on the pages of social networks and comments on various websites. So, you can often find the following tips. For example, some users "Vkontakte" suggested the participants to start a fierce attack spam site, which recommended the throw-known and absolutely strangers. As explained by "experts", this way of acting so: humiliated visitor "Vkontakte" complain about spam, and eventually the site administration block bully. With the same purpose, "geeks" are advised to distribute the network using foul language, obscene pictures and other "garbage".
Other users have the following options. Remove from the page all personal information, including correspondence with friends, photos, music, all the records on the wall, videos, and not to go to the page within one to two months. It is believed that unclaimed page later will be completely removed from the site administration.
The third group of "experts" recommended to removepersonal home page "Vkontakte" in the following way. For it is necessary to change the email address to which the account is tied, the newly registered box, then remove from the page all the information in the "Privacy" section in "Settings" menu, at all points to note "I only".
The fourth option, which is offered to erase the page - contact support and state your request.

The legal process for the removal of the page

However, all of these methods can beupstage. After all, "Vkontakte" there was a legal way to remove the page. To use it just to the left of personal photos to find the section "My Settings". Open it, and at the end of the window that opens click on the link "You can delete a page". Click on it and a new window from the list, select one of the items and specify the reason for which you are going to leave the site "Vkontakte". Then just need to confirm your decision and click "Delete." Here you can also select "Share with Friends" to notify your friends and followers about your "disappearance" from the site.

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