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How to remove oxidation from copper


How to remove oxidation from copper</a>

Copper is a fairly common metal, it is found in kitchen utensils, jewelry, water supply systems, etc. Over time, this metal is oxidized and needs to be cleaned.

There are many ways to clean copper, many of them can be used at home.

Vinegar and salt

One of the most effective methods of disposalCopper from oxidation is the use of vinegar and salt. Wet the copper surface with a solution of vinegar mixed with a small amount of salt, then carefully wipe it with a dry cloth, thus removing the oxidation products. After cleaning, rinse the copper with warm, running water and wipe it with a dry soft cloth.

Vinegar and salt. The second way

Pour into a five-liter pot 1 glass of vinegar,4 liters of water and add 1 tablespoon of salt. Place a copper object in a saucepan and bring the water to a boil. Boil the solution until the copper surface completely clears. After cleaning, let the copper object cool down, then rinse it with running, warm water and thoroughly dry.


Lemon juice is also a good remedyCleaning the surface of copper, with its very easy to clean copper utensils. Cut the average lemon into two parts, sprinkle the cut area with a small amount of salt and rub it on the copper surface until it is completely cleaned. When finished, flush the copper and dry it.

Lemon. The second way

Squeeze a glass of one medium lemon into a glass. Add the salt in the amount necessary to form a thick, pasty mixture and mix the resulting solution. Moisten in this solution a soft, dry cloth and rub it with the surface of copper. Rinse the cleaned surface and dry it. To give copper shine, you can rub it with beeswax.


An excellent remedy for getting rid of oxidationIs the usual ketchup. However, it is best to use it if a small area of ​​the copper surface is subjected to oxidation, Work with ketchup can be quite dirty. Apply a small amount of ketchup on the copper surface and leave it for a few minutes. Then wipe the copper with a dry rag, along with the ketchup will be derived and oxidation products. Rinse the surface and dry it thoroughly.

Sulfamic acid

The use of sulfamic acid is bestOnly in cases where the object to be cleaned is made of copper only and does not have parts made of other metals. Mix acid with water in a proportion sufficient to clean your copper object (the exact dosage should be indicated on the package). Place the copper object in this solution, you will see how the liquid starts bubbling. As soon as this process is over, remove the object, thoroughly wash it and wipe it with a dry cloth.

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