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How to remove the Opera browser

How to remove the Opera browser

The Opera browser does not have the usual uninstall file. But do not assume that because of this, have to put up with the presence of unwanted browser on the computer and pretend that he just does not exist.

Remove the Opera browser is possible without uninslall.exe file.



To remove the Opera browser, through the "Start" menuOpen the "Control Panel". No matter in what form is shown & nbsp-panel (classic or by category), click on the icon "Add or Remove Programs" - will open a new window. Wait & nbsp-formed list of all installed programs on a particular computer.


Use the scroll bar or the mouse wheelFind the list of the Opera browser and select it by clicking once on the desired line of the left mouse button & nbsp- information is displayed in the right part of the string:. how often the browser used, how much space on your hard disk and when it was launched for the last time. Click the "Delete" button.


Will launch a new window "Installing Opera [No.version]. " If you want to remove, along with all browser cookies, history, passwords and certificates, custom settings of Opera, bookmarks, contacts and notes, check the marker the "Delete user data." Click the "Delete" button at the bottom right of the window.


After the start the uninstall process,will automatically load the online page of the Opera browser, which will be informed that the removal is complete (Opera is now uninstalled). At the request on the same page, you can explain the reason for removing the browser, noting the required field marker or setting out its own cause. In the "Add or Remove Programs" from the browser string the name disappears from the list. Close the window.


Navigate to the folder in which was preserved Opera(The default web browser installed in the directory C: / Program Files / Opera) - maybe there will be some files that were not deleted. Opera Select a folder and remove it in the usual way, by pressing the Delete key, and the Enter key or by clicking on the folder, right-click and select "Delete" command in the pop-up menu.

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