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How to remove old whitewash

Removing the old whitewash

Often the removal of the old whitewash is the most unpleasant aspect of renovation. This work is time-consuming, dirty and dreary.

However, you can resort to some of the subtleties that will help only a few hours to remove the old layer of whitewash, without special powers.

You will need

  • roller with a long nap,
  • paint brush,
  • steel trowel or scraper,
  • ladder,
  • water or soapy water.



Prepare the surface to work. If you need to clean the ceiling, then the first Cover the floor with old newspapers or wallpaper. In this case, all the debris, crumbling from the ceiling, not to dirty floors and will be spread out on the paper, which is then easily removed.
If the layer is thick enough whitewash,You can & nbsp-remove it piece by piece - divide the working surface of the segments and Clean of White first in one area, then another and so on. It is easier to see results.


You can try to whitewash washed off with a wet sponge. Rinse off the need to base that on the surface there is not a hint of the old paint. But get ready for what will have to scrub with force, washing away the old whitewash & nbsp-layer by layer.
Instead of water, you can use a specialsoap solution. He is preparing a 10 liter. water, 5 tablespoons. l. soda, 2 tbsp. l. grated soap or washing powder. Dip the sponge into the solution and wipe it to complete removal of the ceiling of the old whitewash.


If the old coating layer is very thick, and hisnot washed away over the years, it can not do without an iron spatula. Before the work necessary to properly wet the surface of the ceiling or wall. Better to do it by roller or by conventional masking & nbsp-brush. Apply water uniformly over the entire surface. When White absorb little water, again walk wet roller to the chalk layer softened as much as possible. With the help of a spatula or a scraper to remove all necessary. Scrape off the old whitewash, make sure that, together with a whitewash not peeled plaster.
It is important to thoroughly clean the surface. If after treatment with a spatula a certain amount of whitewash still remains, soak these areas with a wet sponge or roller.


When working with a small area and only a thin layer of whitewash can be directly to moisten the entire surface of the & nbsp-spray gun, and clean all at the same time.


Old whitewash remove & nbsp-IP can help paste. Just apply it all over the area and wait until it dries out a little. With the help of a scraper, clean the surface.
Using this method, you can greatly facilitate their work and to get rid of a large amount of dirt and dust.

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