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How to remove an old whitewash


How to remove an old whitewash</a>

Often the removal of the old whitewash is the most unpleasant moment in the repair. This work is laborious, dirty and dreary.

However, you can resort to some subtleties that will help in just a few hours to remove the old layer of white without much effort.

You will need

  • A roller with a long pile,
  • Paint brush,
  • Steel spatula or scraper,
  • ladder,
  • Water or soap solution.



Prepare the surface for work. If you need to clean the ceiling, then first lay the floor with old newspapers or wallpaper. In this case, all the rubbish falling from the ceiling, will not soil the floors, but will be on the spread paper, which is then easily removed.
If the whitewash layer is thick enough,You can & nbsp-remove it in parts - break the work surface into segments and clean the white first in one area, then in another, and so on. So the result will be better seen.


You can try to wash the whitewash with a wet sponge. To wash it is necessary up to the basis that on a surface there was no hint on former painting. But be prepared for the fact that you will have to rub with force, washing off the old whitewash & nbsp-layer after layer.
Instead of water, you can use a specialSoap solution. It is prepared simply: 10 liters. Water, 5 tbsp. L. Soda, 2 tbsp. L. Grated soap or detergent. Sponge the sponge in a solution and wipe the ceiling with it until the old whitewash is completely removed.


If the layer of the old coating is very thick, and itsDid not wash away for years, then you can not do without an iron spatula. Before work, you need to thoroughly wet the surface of the ceiling or wall. It is better to do this with a roller or with a conventional paint brush. Apply water evenly over the entire surface. When the whitewash absorb a little water, once again, run a wet roller, in order to soften the chalk layer as much as possible. Using a spatula or scraper, remove all necessary. Scraping the old whitewash, make sure that the plaster does not come off together with the whitewash.
It is important to thoroughly clean the surface. If after treatment with a spatula some amount of whitewash still remains, moisten these areas with a wet sponge or roller.


When working with a small area and a thin enough layer of white, you can immediately moisten the entire surface & nbsp-of the atomizer, and clean all at a time.


You can remove the old whitewash & nbsp-using the paste. Simply apply it over the entire area and wait for it to dry up a little. Use a scraper to clean the surface.
Using this method, you can significantly ease your work and get rid of a lot of dirt and dust.

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