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How to uninstall the modem


How to uninstall the modem</a>

If the modem starts to work poorly, it must be removed.

Failures in the operation of the modem are observed after frequent removal of the device in an unsafe manner.

Sometimes this happens due to infection with viruses.

In order to remove the modem, you need to perform several actions.



Remove the modem by pressing?Safe removal of devices ?. The button is located on the right side of the desktop, at the bottom of the screen. It looks like a green arrow. After the computer writes that the device can be removed, remove the modem from the USB connector.


Open the folder "My Computer"? And select "Add or Remove Programs".


After the computer forms the list, find in it the icon that corresponds to the modem. Usually the modem icon can be viewed on the desktop of the computer.


Click on the? Delete ?. When does the warning window with the inscription appear? Do you really want to delete this program ?, press? Yes ?.


The computer will automatically remove the modem and all its components.


After you uninstall the operating system, you must restart it.

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