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How to remove the modem

How to remove the modem

If the modem begins to run poorly, it must be removed.

Malfunctions modem observed after frequent removal of the device in an insecure manner.

Sometimes this happens as a result of viruses.

To remove a modem, you need to perform several actions.



Remove the modem by pressing the?Safely Remove Hardware ?. Button located on the right side of the working table at the bottom. It looks like a green arrow. Once the computer to write, that the device can be removed, remove the modem from the USB-connector.


Open the folder? My Computer? and choose? Add or Remove Programs ?.


After the computer will generate a list, get him an icon that corresponds to your modem. Normally the modem icon can be viewed on a desktop computer.


Click on the? Delete ?. When a warning box that says? Are you sure you want to remove this program ??, click Yes ?.


The computer will automatically remove the modem, and all of its components.


After removing the need to reload the operating system.

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