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How to remove the lock code

How to remove the lock code

In many phones and all the SIM cards used by the lock code. Its purpose - to protect against intruders if the phone is stolen or lost.

In this case it is assumed that the information contained in the phone can not be used by third parties.

If you have lost or forgotten your lock code, you can restore them with just a few simple steps.



If you did not provide your phonevaluable information, update the firmware. In this case, you will need the drivers to connect your phone to your computer and usb-cable for synchronization. If it was not included, you can buy this wire at the store cellular technology. Download the necessary software and firmware templates on the Internet, and then save the firmware that is available on your phone and flash it.


If valuable information is the same on the phone,contact the manufacturer of your phone, first in the regional office, and then to the head office. You will need to phone the passport and documents certifying your ownership of your phone. Be prepared to provide scans of these documents by sending them an e-mail. You will be provided code discharge protection codea.


If you have locked the SIM card, enter the PUK codeWhich should be on the plate bysim card. If you do not have this disc, or it has been lost, contact your service provider to ask for unlock any SIM card is replaced. Bring your passport with you in order to confirm its right to carry out this operation.

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