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How to remove lenses


Eyes are the mirror of the soul, but they also sometimes need help</a>

Contact lenses can not only correct the eyesight, but also change the color of the eyes. Therefore, people with good eyesight can wear them.

The price of lenses is quite acceptable, however they requireCareful care. It should be remembered that a special container and solution should be changed every three months, ideally every month, otherwise a large number of harmful bacteria and microflora can appear on the lenses, which leads to eye disease.

In addition, you need to be able to properly wear and remove the lens.

You will need

  • Container for lenses, special solution



First, it is necessary to thoroughly wash and wipe offarms. Make all manipulations with lenses is only clean hands. Eyes - this is a very fragile mechanism, any particle of dirt or dust can adversely affect their condition.


The lenses are usually removed using the pinch method. To do this, stand in front of the mirror and bend a little. Slightly pull the lower eyelid. Now look up and slide the lens with your index finger down. Now tighten the lens with your forefinger and thumb. Carefully remove it from the eye.

Do everything very carefully, try to use only your fingertips


Place the lens in a container with a special solution. Tighten the cover securely. Remember that lenses can not be left out in the open air for long. Otherwise they will become unfit.

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