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glaza mirror of the soul, but they also sometimes need help

Contact lenses are not only correct vision, but also to change the eye color. So can wear them and people with good eyesight.

Price lenses is quite acceptable, but they requirecareful maintenance. Note that a special container and the solution is desirable to change every three months, and ideally every month, otherwise the lens may appear on a large number of harmful bacteria and microflora, which leads to eye disease.

In addition, we must be able to put on and take off the lens.

You will need

  • container for lenses, a special solution



Firstly, you need to thoroughly wash and dryarms. Perform all manipulations with the lenses is only with clean hands. Eyes - it is a very fragile mechanism, any particle of dirt or dust may negatively affect their condition.


Read the lens usually by pinch. To do this, stand in front of a mirror and bend over a little. Gently pull the lower eyelid. Now look up and slide the lens down with the index finger. Now hold down the lens with the index finger and thumb. Carefully remove it from the eye.

do everything very carefully, try to use only the fingertips


Place the lens in a container with a special solution. Tighten the lid. Remember that the lens can not long left in the open air. Otherwise they will become unprofitable.

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