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How to remove the interior

Treat shooting the interior as well as to the person shooting - feel his character and find the most successful angles to its transmission

Create the perfect picture of the interior in the presence of modern equipment - the task is not so complicated.

It is much harder to make a living picture, interesting and fill it with the appropriate emotions.



For shooting interior almost never used a 35mm camera. To create a good image you will need a medium or wide format.


There are several ways to toa flat image to convey the feeling of space, which is present in the interior. The first - is to use a wide-angle lens. Such lenses provide a viewing angle of 60 degrees or higher, which can cover a much larger space frame.


If you use a wide-angle lens on thefor some reason not possible, you can use the technique panorama (gluing). Pictures for a Panorama can be done away with (standing in one place and only turning the body) or by using a tripod. Before shooting, you need to lock the autofocus and exposure. Shoot footage is a little "overlap" - about 1/3 being taken to impose on the third last. Horizontal panorama is best to shoot vertical frames, and the vertical - horizontal. Connect shots into a panorama, you can in Photoshop, Panorama Factory or PTGui.


Tripod - it is something without which no cost, no one shooting interior. Using a tripod allows you to use long exposure with a small aperture diaphragm, which gives an advantage in the transmission of a greater depth of field in the frame.


Interior with perfect natural lighting -the exception rather than the rule. Therefore, during the shooting of interior special attention should be paid to work with light. It is desirable to see the room before the start of shooting to decide how many lights you need. Useful any available equipment - the flash-to-box software. If the equipment you have is not so much, you can use the following trick - after opening the shutter at slow shutter speeds, a photographer or an assistant starts highlight objects and sites interiorLocated in the frame (with the clothes have to be light-colored).


Getting to shoot, try to find and capture the most interesting angles premises, try to catch it "character" - this will help identify the most successful point shooting.


Be attentive to detail - not to loadyourself extra work for the post-processing of photos, make sure that it gets to the lens - the view from the window, television, portraits and books on the shelves - all of this is much more difficult to be removed from the frame after. Also watch out for the prospect - the walls do not have to be filled up and create the effect of the Leaning Tower.

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