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How to shoot an interior


Refer to the shooting of the interior as well as to the shooting of a person - feel its character and find the most successful perspectives for its transfer</a>

Create an ideal picture of the interior with modern equipment - the task is not so difficult.

It is much more difficult to make such a picture lively, interesting and fill it with appropriate emotions.



For shooting Interior Almost never used a 35 mm camera. To create a good picture, you need an average or wide format.


There are several ways toFlat image to convey the sense of space that is present in the interior. The first is the use of a wide-angle lens. These lenses provide a viewing angle of 60 degrees and above, which allows you to cover a much larger space in the frame.


If using a wide-angle lensFor some reason it is impossible, you can use the technique of panorama (gluing). Snapshots for panoramas can be done with hands (standing in one place and turning only by the trunk) or using a tripod. Before shooting, you need to lock the autofocus and exposure. To shoot frames costs with a small "overlap" - approximately 1/3 of a shot to be put on 1/3 of the previous. Horizontal panoramas are best taken with vertical frames, and vertical panoramas by horizontal ones. You can connect frames to a panorama in Photoshop, Panorama Factory or PTGui.


Tripod - this is something that no shooting can do without Interior. Using a tripod allows you to use long shutter speeds with a small aperture opening, which gives an advantage in transferring a greater depth of field in the frame.


Interior with perfect natural light -Rather an exception than the rule. Therefore, during the interior shooting, special attention should be paid to working with light. It is advisable to look at the room before you start shooting in order to decide how many light sources you need. Any available equipment is useful - from flash to soft box. If you do not have a lot of equipment, then you can use the following trick: after opening the shutter at a long exposure, the photographer or assistant starts to flash objects and areas Interior, Which are in the frame (clothing must necessarily be light colors).


When starting to shoot, try to find and capture the most interesting foreshortenings of the room, try to catch his "character" - this will help determine the most successful points for shooting.


Be attentive to detail - not to loadYourself by unnecessary work on post-processing photos, watch what gets into the lens - the view from the window, the TV, portraits and books on the shelves - it's all much more difficult to remove from the frame after. Also, keep a close eye on the perspective - the walls should not collapse and create the effect of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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