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How to remove a nave from a rotary fist on VAZ 2109


How to remove a nave from a rotary fist on VAZ 2109</a>

Removing the wheel hub is necessary to replace the failed bearing and requires certain locksmith skills and a special tool.

The bearing does not require adjustment during installation and installation work can be carried out independently.

In order to remove the hub on VAZ-2109,The car must be installed on the inspection pit or level ground, braked by the parking brake and install under the rear wheels bars or chocks. You also need to prepare a stand under the car body.

Tools and equipment

For the work on the removal of the front wheel hub on VAZ-2109 the following tools and devices will be needed:
- jack-
- balloon wrench-
- the end head for the hub nut-
- Wrenches for 12, 17 and 19-
- screwdriver-
- A bearing for выпрессовки the bearing of a nave.

Sequence of work execution

On a car standing on the ground, remove the protectiveA cap of a nave nut and uncut a nut. Then loosen the end cap of the hub nut and the bolts securing the wheel. The nut of the hub is tightened with great force, so for loosening it is necessary to use some kind of lever, for example a suitable piece of pipe.
Further lift the car a jack and place under it an emphasis. To work without an emphasis is strictly not recommended. Now you can completely unscrew the hub nut and remove the wheel.

When removing the hub, the bearing collapses, so press out the hub only to replace the bearing.

Then remove the brake disc, for this at firstUnscrew the two bolts securing the brake cylinder to the pivot. Without disconnecting the brake hose, remove the entire brake assembly and hang it with a wire on the rack spring. Make sure that the brake hose is not stretched and does not twist.
Clean the brake disc from dust and dirtWith a metal brush. Apply WD-40 liquid grease to the hub and brake disc connection. Leave on for 30-40 minutes until rust dissolves. Turn out the guide pins and remove the brake disc, if necessary, tapping the kyanik, trying to hit closer to the center of the disc.
Mark the position of the eccentric boltWith respect to the rack housing and loosen the nuts on the bolts securing the swivel fist to the post. Turn out bolts of fastening of a spherical support to a rotary fist.
Unscrew the nuts completely on the bolts securing the knuckle to the bracket on the front pillar, remove the bolts and pull the swivel fist out of the rack.

If there is no special mandrel, you can press out the hub using old rings from the bearing.

Using a mandrel, press out the hub from the inner ring of the bearing. If part of the ring is left on the hub, remove it with a special puller, a special groove is provided for this on the hub.
Remove the locking rings on both sides of the rotary cam and press the bearing out with a special mandrel.
On this work to remove the hub and vypressovke bearing on VAZ-2109 are finished. Before installing the new bearing on the hub, first replace the outer retaining ring.

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