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How to remove the hub from the steering knuckle on 2109

How to remove the hub from the steering knuckle on 2109

Removing the wheel is necessary to replace a failed bearing and requires some plumbing skills and special tools.

Bearing Installation requires no adjustment and installation work can be carried out completely independently.

To remove the hub on the VAZ-2109,Vehicles must be installed on the viewing hole or flat ground, brake the parking brake and set under the rear wheel bars or wheel chocks. You also need to prepare the supports under the car body.

Tools and Equipment

For the production of works on removal of the front wheel on the VAZ-2109 will need the following tools and accessories:
- domkrat-
- Balloon key-
- End cap nut hub-
- Spanners 12, 17 and 19
- screwdriver-
- Mandrel for pressing out the bearing hub.

Sequence of operation

On the car standing on the earth, remove the protectivehub cap nuts and nut raskontrite. Then, loosen the socket head tightness hub nuts and bolts holding the wheel. The nut is tightened hub with great effort, so for unscrewing is necessary to use any lever, for example a suitable piece of pipe.
Next, lift the car jack and his substitute under stress. Work is not recommended without a stop. Now you can completely unscrew the nut and remove the wheel hub.

When removing the wheel bearing is destroyed, so is extruded hub only for the replacement of the bearing.

Then remove the brake disc, for this firstRemove the two screws that secure the brake master cylinder to the steering knuckle. Without disconnecting the brake hose, remove the entire brake assembly and hang it on the spring wire rack. Make sure the brake hose does not stretch or twist.
Clean the brake disc from dust and dirtwire brush. Apply liquid lubricant WD-40 in place of the brake disc and hub connection. Leave on for 30-40 minutes until the rust is dissolved. Remove the guide pins and remove the brake disc, tapping with a mallet if necessary, trying to hit closer to the center of the disc.
Note the marker position of the eccentric boltwith respect to the rack enclosure and loosen the nuts on the bolts that secure the steering knuckle to the rack. Remove the screws on the ball joint to the steering knuckle.
Remove completely nuts on the bolts securing the steering knuckle to the bracket on the front of the rack, remove the screws and bring the steering knuckle from the rack.

If there is no special mandrel, press out the hub can be using the old ring of the bearing.

With the help of the mandrel press out the hub of the bearing inner ring. If part of the ring remains on the hub, remove the pliers, the hub provides for this special recess.
Remove both sides of the knuckle retaining ring and press out the bearing using the special mandrel.
This works to remove the hub and bearing pressing out for VAZ-2109 is finished. Before installing the hub of the new bearing pre-install the outer snap ring.

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