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How to remove a full-time recorder


How to remove a full-time recorder</a>

Wanted to make an upgrade in the car, changing the native recorder to a modern multimedia system?

Great choice!

It remains only to properly remove the car radio, without spoiling the torpedo, the radio, or the mood.

You will need

  • - mounting keys from car stereo
  • - screwdriver



The first version of the removal of the recorder - withUsing mounting keys. Mounting keys are supplied with the machine. They are inserted into a special place along the edges of the radio. If you have correctly inserted the keys, they will be fixed. Pull the keys and the radio will come out.


If the machine is not new, then probably the assemblyKeys can already be lost. In this case, you can remove the radio tape recorder by dismantling the plastic panel around it. The panel is disassembled with a screwdriver, which you hook up plastic parts. When the frame around the radio is removed, you can unscrew the bolts, on which the radio tape recorder is attached to the body. And all - the radio tape recorder can be pulled out.

Each machine has an individual panel, which must be disassembled. And each has its own tricks and the sequence of removing plastic parts.


Consider the option of removing the car radio with Hyundai Santa Fe.

Remove the plastic trim covering theAlong the torpedo. It is attached to the pistons. Remove the air duct from the right and left sides. Behind them you will see 4 bolts. They are unscrewed and the radio tape recorder is pulled out.

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