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How to remove the head unit

Removing the head unit

They wanted to upgrade the car, changing the head unit to a modern multimedia system?

Great choice!

It remains only to properly remove the car full-time, without damaging any torpedo, on the radio or the mood itself.

You will need

  • - Mounting the keys to the car
  • - screwdriver



The first option is removing the regular radio - withusing the installation key. Installation keys are supplied with the machine. They are inserted in a special place on the edge of the radio. If you have correctly inserted the keys, they are locked. Pull the keys, and the tape recorder released.


If the machine is not new, it is likely that the mountingkeys may already be lost. In this case, remove the radio can, disassembled around a plastic panel. The panel dealt with a screwdriver, which you hook the plastic parts. When the frame around the radio is removed, you will be able to unscrew the bolts on which the tape recorder attached to a body. And - you can pull out the tape recorder.

Each machine has an individual panel, which must be dismantled. And each - their tricks and consistency removing plastic parts.


Consider the option to remove the car Hyundai Santa Fe.

Remove the plastic decorative trim, goingalong torpedoes. It is attached to the pistons. Remove the air duct on the right and left sides. Behind them you will see 4 bolts. They unscrewed and pulled tape recorder.

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