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Removing the head at 2110

Removing the cylinder head in the 2110

The cylinder head is removed in the 2110 with a view to repair, replace gasket, block valves and piston mechanisms. The head unit will have to be removed and the full dismantling of the engine.

For convenience, all the work is best carried on a viewing hole or the lift.

You will need

  • - Mechanical klyuchi-
  • - Hex keys.



To start the engine, drain all the coolant and remove the back cover of the timing belt and the cylinder head cover on the 2110 car.


Remove the upper engine mount from the posthead bracket. Picking up a socket wrench, remove the three screws that secure the rod brackets and remove it from the studs. Then loosen the catalyst manifold and exhaust pipe.


Remove the bolt, which is secured bywire tip, and then disconnect it from the head unit. Now you will need to remove the tip of the wire battery negative terminal of the battery with the studs. To do this, unscrew the nut fastening the tip.


Disconnect all cables from the temperature sensorsand used coolant temperature gauge. This will avoid damage to the sensor connectors. If you remove the cylinder head assembly, that is only for the replacement of its lining, further disconnect the wires from the camshaft position sensor.


Now, through the socket wrench 13 mmunscrew the two nuts that secure the thermostat housing. And he took it down to the studs of the head unit, take the body to the side. Thus from the hose does not need to be disconnected.


Carefully remove the gasket andan Allen wrench, unscrew ten bolts with which the head is attached to the cylinder block at the WHA 2110. Now you can easily remove it. two guide pins are located in the cylinder block. Before you begin to repair the unit head, they must be removed, so as not to lose. Also, do not forget to remove the cylinder head gasket.

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