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How to remove the head of the unit on VAZ 2110


How to remove the head of the unit on VAZ 2110</a>

The head of the block of cylinders on VAZ 2110 is removed for the purpose of its repair, replacement of a lining, the block and mechanisms of valves of a piston group. The head of the block will have to be removed and with complete disassembly of the engine.

For convenience, all work is best done on the inspection pit or lift.

You will need

  • - Socket wrenches-
  • - Allen keys.



First, drain all engine coolant from the engine and remove the timing belt rear cover and the cylinder head cover on the VAZ 2110.


Disconnect the upper engine mounting rod from theThe head bracket. Taking in the hands of the socket wrench, unscrew the three nuts with which the brackets of the rod are fixed and remove it from the studs. Then, unfasten the catalytic collector and the exhaust pipe.


Remove the bolt that securesAnd then disconnect it from the head of the unit. Now you will need to remove the negative battery terminal of the battery battery from the stud. To do this, unscrew the tip retaining nut.


Disconnect the wires from all temperature sensorsThe used coolant and the temperature gauge. This will prevent you from damaging the sensor connectors. If you remove the assembly head assembly, that is, only to replace the gasket, then disconnect the wires from the camshaft position sensor.


Now using a 13 mm socket wrenchUnscrew the two nuts that secure the thermostat housing. And, having removed it from the pins of the head of the block, take the case aside. At the same time, it is not necessary to detach it from the hoses.


Carefully remove the gasket andUsing the hexagonal key, remove the ten bolts that secure the head to the cylinder block on the VAZ 2110. Now you can easily remove it. In the block of cylinders there are two directing bushings. Before you begin to repair the head of the block, they will need to be removed, so as not to lose. Also do not forget to remove the cylinder head gasket.

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