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How to remove the hard drive

On the back of the hard drive has several connectors

Remove the hard drive can only be carried out after isolating it from the power supply system and data.

You will need

  • Phillips screwdriver for computer equipment



Shut down, turn off the computer.


Turn off the power supplied to the system unit. To do this, turn the switch on the rear of the system unit to the OFF position. Unplug the system unit from the power outlet or turn off the voltage regulator.


Position the system unit so that it is convenientproduce work within it, if necessary, disconnect the wires from the back of the system unit. Use a screwdriver to remove the self-tapping screws that hold the system block wall, or open the system unit latches. You need to remove the wall opposite to the one near which secured the motherboard. Carefully remove otkruchennuyu system block wall, moving it from the slot.


Locate the hard drive. Remove the rear panel with its data feed cable and wire is energized. If you then plan to return it to the same place, remember to any loop and to which it was attached connector disk. This will avoid errors in the determination of priority of hard drives in the system.

For SATA hard disks simply pull typeSATA-wire. If you plan to then drive back into place without any changes, remember he was assigned (first, second, third, fourth) to the SATA motherboard any output. It will also connect the prevention of errors.


Sometimes in the system unit is mounted in a hard diskspecial mini-block, which is removed and inserted sliding on rails, then you can not remove it, and just take in this block. Most hard disk, as well as other components of the system unit are mounted directly to the housing unit screws. If the hard disk drive is secured with screws on both sides, then still have to pull out and the back wall of the chassis. Remove the screwdriver all the screws holding the hard drive. Typically, there are four things.


Now you can remove the hard drive, pull it to the side of the system unit rear wall.

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