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How to delete a hard disk partition


How to delete a hard disk partition</a>

Programs that allow you to delete a partitionHard disk and perform other operations with it, are called disk managers. There are a lot of such programs: Partition Logic, BootIt Next Generation, Partition Manager, Acronis Disk Director and others.

In the last of these programs, the operation to remove a hard disk partition is reduced to a set of simple sequential actions.



Start Acronis Disk Director.

In the right part of the main window of the program you will seeAll hard disks installed on the computer, as well as all existing partitions on them. Please note that at the top will be shown disk partitions in the form of separate icons on which it is impossible to judge the number of physically installed hard drives. Below you will see the sections grouped by the hard disks on which they are directly located. A single physical disk can have several partitions. You can reduce or increase their size, respectively, increasing or decreasing the volumes of neighboring partitions located on one hard disk.


At the top of the window, determine the partition of the disk,Which you go to remove. Click on it with the right mouse button and select "Delete" from the pop-up menu. The partition icon will turn into an "unallocated space". If you need to continue to do some operations, for example, to increase the size of an adjacent partition of the disk due to the space that has been freed up, select the appropriate command in the? Wizards? In the left part of the main program window.


After all the settings for the operations areDone, click on the black and white flag located in the tool window below the menu bar. You will see a window with a full list of ongoing operations. Confirm the action by pressing the? Proceed? Button. After everything is ready, the program will display a window with a service message stating that all operations were successful.

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