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How to remove the hard disk partition

How to remove the hard disk partition

Programs that allow you to delete a partitionhard drive, and perform other operations with them, called disk managers. Such programs, known to many: Partition Logic, BootIt Next Generation, Partition Manager, Acronis Disk Director, and others.

The last of these programs, surgery to remove the hard disk partition is reduced to a set of simple sequence of actions.



Run Acronis Disk Director.

On the right side of the main window you will seeall hard drives installed on your computer, as well as all existing partitions. Note that the top will show disk partitions as separate icons, which can not be judged on the number of physical drives installed. Below you will see the sections grouped by hard drives on which they are directly located. On a single physical disk can be several sections. You can reduce or enlarge their size, thus increasing or decreasing the volume of the adjacent partitions residing on a single hard drive.


At the top of the window, specify the disk partition,you go to delete. Click on it right mouse button and the pop-up menu, click? Remove ?. Section Icon will turn into? unallocated space ?. If you need to continue to do some operations, for example, increase the size of an adjacent disk partition due to free up space, click the appropriate command in the? Master? the left side of the main window.


Once all the settings are operationsimplemented, click on the black and white flag, located in the tool box under the menu bar. You will see a window with the complete list of operations. Confirm the action by pressing the? Start ?. Once everything is ready, the program will display a message box with a service that all operations were carried out successfully.

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