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How to remove a gas pipe


How to remove a gas pipe</a>

A gas pipe that runs through the whole wall in the kitchen, and sometimes through the kitchen to the bathroom, and then to the neighbors, you will agree, is not a very aesthetic element of design.

Therefore, there is often a desire to remove this pipe.



How to do it? Difficult and almost none at all. Nobody will allow you to dismantle the gas pipe, even in your own apartment. But you can try, for what:

Contact the gas department forResidence, taking into account the fact that the work you are proposing is explosive. Without the sanction of this organization, you in any case have no right to re-equip anything.


Once in 3 years the gas service conductsCrimping of gas networks, both general-purpose and individual, while monitoring the state of gas equipment, with the drawing up of an appropriate act. The cases of detection of unauthorized changes in the installation of gas pipelines will lead to penal sanctions. In addition, you are responsible for the security of your neighbors.


The gas pipe can not be concealed in the wall and sewedTightly decorative panels. This will lead to more complicated repairs in the event of an emergency. But you can decorate the gas pipes with an elegant grille. You can mount a decorative grid of plastic or laminated panels. To do this, mount the frame along the pipe from the UD metal profile from the gypsum board system. Use the level to make the design even.


Connect the two UD profiles to each other.So that their grooves are directed in different directions, thus obtaining a fragment of the angle. Connect the resulting fragment to the guides that are located on the wall. For joining profiles together use self-tapping screws for metal.


Attach the resulting frame to the contourStarting plastic profile. Measure the length of the panel, cut it with a metal hacksaw and set it in the grooves of the starting profile. After completing the installation, drill the panels with a special cutter, making several holes on each of the panels.

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