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How to remove the gas pipe

How to remove the gas pipe

Gas pipe passing through the wall in the kitchen, and sometimes through the kitchen to the bathroom, and then the neighbors will agree, it is not very aesthetic design element.

So often there is a desire to remove the tube.



How to do it? It is difficult and virtually nothing. No one will allow you to dismantle the gas pipe, even in your own apartment. But you can try, for which:

Refer to the department of gas supply onplace of residence, given that you alleged explosive work. Without the sanction of the organization in any case you do not have the right to convert anything.


Once gas service carries out in 3 yearsmolding gas networks as a common house and individual, this control is carried out at the state of the gas equipment, with the preparation of the relevant act. Cases of detection of unauthorized changes to the installation of gas pipes lead to penalties. In addition, you are responsible for the safety of your neighbors.


The gas pipe can not be hidden in the wall and sewtight decorative panels. This will lead to the complication of repair work in the case of any emergency. But it is possible to decorate the gas pipes elegant bars. You can mount the grille made of plastic or laminated panels. To do this, mount the frame along the pipe from a metal UD Profile of plasterboard systems. Use at the same level, to get a smooth design.


Connect the two UD profile with each other soway that their grooves are pointing in different directions, thus obtaining a fragment angle. Connect the resulting fragment with guides who raspolozhenyna wall. To connect profiles together using self-tapping screws for metal.


Attach to the received frame on the contourstarting plastic profile. Vymeryat length of the panel, cut it hacksaw and place into the slots starting profile. After installation, drill panel with a special cutter, made on each of the panels a few holes.

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