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How to remove the game from the tablet

How to remove the game from the tablet

The plates have the ability to fully manage the operating system. This means that a user can dispose of the device resources.

Users can install and uninstall any games on the device on your own.

In this case it is sufficient to use already built into the tablet interface functions.

Removal of Android games

Uninstalling games on Android tablet madethe same for all other applications properly. You can delete unnecessary play with your tablet using the store Play Market applications. To do this, click on the appropriate icon in the main menu of the device. In the upper right corner, click on the button to display the context menu. Select the "My Apps" section. In the proposed list, find the game that you want to delete. Select the name, and then use the option "Delete". Confirm the operation and wait for the uninstallation.
Uninstalling games on Android tablets is also possibleusing the "Settings" item. Open the menu and select "Manage Applications" ( "Application"). "All" Go to the tab. The proposed list of unnecessary locate the game and select "Delete." Confirm the operation and wait until the procedure is completed.


To delete a game on your iPad, you can alsouse the standard system interface. Unlock the device and from the list of applications on the home screen, locate the name of the game unnecessary. Press and hold your finger pressed on the appropriate icon as long as the icons on the screen begin to shake. Then in the top right corner of the game, click on the cross, which is responsible for the removal of the device applications. Confirm the operation button "Delete". Wait until the end of the procedure. App has been removed.
You can delete unnecessary play usingiTunes. To do this, connect the device to your computer and wait for the window. Go to the menu of the device by clicking on the upper right to the iPad name. Click the "Applications" and then in the proposed list, locate the installed game. Click the "Delete" button to produce the deletion of the game from the device. After the procedure, click "Synchronize" to apply all changes made in the iTunes.

Windows 8

Tablets on Windows 8 also have a built-inRemoval Tool application. Press the center of the Windows key to go to the Metro interface. Click on "Games" icon to go to Xbox Live list. Select the game you want to delete, and hold up as long as you want appears in the context menu. Among the proposed options, use the "Delete" and confirm the operation. Uninstalling a Windows 8 tablet completed.

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