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How to remove the fungus from the floor in the bath?

Fungus on the floor in the bath

Very often people are faced with the problem of the formation of fungus on the floorboards baths.

And the question of how to remove a fungus, constantly remains important for the owners of these places of relaxation.

Fungus in bath room can appear as a result of misuse of its care at the stage of design and construction.
In the bath, at the stage of construction, should bethought-equipped technically correct water flow. Moreover, the boards must always defend at some distance from the ground. This will provide air circulation beneath. This, of course, winter will be a little colder, but such a floor construction can last for much longer.
Select floor boards from better facilitieslarch, they are easier to clean. Before installing the boards is required chamfer on each of them at the corners. This provides a better water flow, reduced moisture.

Ways to correct arrangement of the floor in the bath room

To reliably get rid of the fungus, the boardIt must be placed on a sandy base, and be sure to carry out the underground ventilation. In the case where the moisture will be under the floor or above it - to avoid rotting floor boards and the development of fungus they simply will not work!
Of course, be sure to also treat the soil under the floor of a fungicidal agent, it will be safe.

For convenience of processing can use a composition which is readily sprayed.

In addition, the processing of the foundation pillars, on which there is room also need to remember.
We can also optionally make a new floor deck, which is more resistant to moisture. To do this, apply water-resistant OSB having cladding tiles frosted shade under a tree.

Chemical weed and fungus that spread

The domestic market offers todaynumerous tools to quickly display a certain kind gripka. However it is possible to find drugs that are considered universal. They are suitable for controlling various types of organisms.
If the fungus has penetrated deeply into the wood, the treatment does not help - the board to be completely replaced. And only then can perform thermal and chemical processing facilities.

It does not interfere with the processing of wood preservative to be laid again.

However, be aware that the choice of chemicalthe means used for the construction of bath rather limited because under the influence of temperature changes is possible formation of harmful compounds to the human body.
In any case, before you tackle this problem, it is necessary to consult with experts who will advise contraception measures.

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