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How to remove fungus from the sexes in the bath?


Fungus on the floor in the bath</a>

Very often people are faced with the problem of the formation of fungus on the floorboards of the bath.

And the question of how to remove such a fungus is always relevant for owners of such places of relaxation.

Fungus in the sauna room can appear as a result of improper arrangement of it even at the design and construction stage.
In the bathhouse, at the stage of erection, there should beWell-designed technically correctly equipped water flow. And the floorboards should be sure to defend at some distance from the ground. This will ensure air circulation under them. In this case, of course, in winter it will be a bit colder, but this kind of floor construction can last much longer.
Choosing for floor construction is better than boards fromLarch, they are easier to clean. Before installing the boards, you need to take a chamfer on each of them in the corners. This ensures a better flow of water, reduces dampness.

Ways of correct arrangement of a floor in a bath room

To safely get rid of the fungus, boardsIt is necessary to lay on a sand cushion, and also necessarily carry out ventilation of the underground. In the case where moisture will be under the floor or above it - to avoid decaying the floorboards and developing a fungus in them simply does not work!
Of course, it is also necessary to treat the soil under the floor with a fungicidal agent, this will help to reinsure.

For ease of processing, a formulation that can be easily sprayed can be used.

In addition, the processing of foundation pillars on which the bath stands, also need to be remembered.
You can also, as an option, just make a new floor with flooring, which is more resistant to moisture. For this, a moisture-resistant OSB is used, which has a ceramic tile facing a matt shade under the tree.

Chemicals to combat the spread of fungus

The domestic market today offersNumerous means for quickly displaying a certain type of grip. However, you can find drugs that are considered universal. They are suitable for fighting various types of these organisms.
If the fungus has penetrated deeply into the wood, the treatment will not help - the boards are subject to complete replacement. And only after that it is possible to carry out thermal and chemical treatment of the premises.

Do not interfere with the treatment of newly laid wood antiseptic.

However, one should know that the choice of chemicalThe means used for bath construction are rather limited, because under the influence of temperature differences there is the possibility of forming harmful compounds for the human body.
In any case, before tackling this problem, it is worth consulting with specialists who will advise countermeasures.

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