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How to remove the front bumper


How to remove the front bumper</a>

In those cases where the owner needs to disassemble the headlight on a VAZ 2110 car, to get full access to the specified equipment, it is necessary to remove the front bumper from the car.

You will need

  • Allen key 8 mm,
  • Allen key for 10 mm,
  • Curved screwdriver.



In fact, there is nothing complicated in this procedure, despite the impressive dimensions of the dismantled part.


If the bumper is installedLighting or other electrical equipment, the on-board network of the machine must be de-energized, by disconnecting the negative cable of the "mass" from the battery.


Then the radiator grille is dismantled.

How to remove the front bumper


Remove the grille, unscrew one bolt of fastening the bumper, located on the sides of the car at the bottom.


Having unscrewed the two front fixing bolts, the bumper is dismantled by the method of simply shifting it forward in the course of the car.

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