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How to paint a vase stained glass paints

How to remove the film from the glass

Checking window tinting.

For a long time, and the police took strict fortinted car stopped and the prescribed penalty. To avoid this, the film from the glass is better to remove and problems will be less, and the money will remain intact.

Disputes and assert their rights in this case is meaningless, there are rules and laws that against the tinting of windshields and generally dark tinting in the car.

So, the guards are right and do not commit any illegal actions.

Remove the film without affecting the glasses can be at home.



Take an ordinary hair dryer and warm up their glass. Do not put too close to the tinting, the appliance heats up and refuse to work. Keep 10 cm from the glass and gradually move the device, the air flow must be hot. If you removed the glass, you can use hot water. Pour a glass to her, or better yet put them into a deep container and fill with boiling water.


Now carefully separate the film from the startglass. Try to take care that it is not torn and separated together with glue. You have to remove everything very quickly, because the glass has cooled, and toning stop filming.


Remove glue residue with acetone or white spirit. Typically, the adhesive is well removed, so no need to put a lot of effort. If the glass are on the machine, be careful, try to caustic did not fall on the paint and rubber door elements.


Wipe the surface with a special liquid for cleaning windows and mirrors. It will shine like new, if at all, and never had toned.


The liquid can ask car shopto remove tinting, but this is the case, if all your attempts were unsuccessful. The liquid should be applied to the shot glass, and after a while toning and soften it can be washed off with warm water and detergent.

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