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How to remove the evil eye yourself


How to remove the evil eye yourself </a>

The vast majority of people live not in isolationAnd daily interacts with dozens of others. Some of them can think of an outsider in principle a person only in a negative way, involuntarily imposing a maleficent on him.

It is problematic to regularly consult a specialist to remove the evil eye, but can you shoot it yourself?

The evil eye is not just a very commonPhenomenon, this is something that you have to face almost daily. If a person is in a society, then in any case, someone has negative thought forms directed at him. They create gaps in its biofield, through which the outflow of vital energy occurs.

Is it possible to remove the evil eye without consulting a professional?

The simplest and at the same time effective methodThe removal of the evil eye is a ritual using clean water and nine matches. To carry it out, you need a glass of water, which is put on the table between those who are removed from the evil eye, and the shooter. Each match is lit from the previous one and is held in the fingers until it begins to burn them. Each match says: "Not the ninth ... not the eighth ... not the seventh ..." and so on. After the match burns, you need to throw it into the water.
If you drown all nine matches, then per personA severe damage is caused, and it must be removed by a professional. If five matches or more drowned - the evil eye was, and very powerful. If you drown 1-5 matches, then the ritual must be repeated the next day. If all the matches float on the surface of the water, then the person is clean.

Other methods of removing the evil eye

The reality is that you constantly have toTo face the evil eye. There are simple and non-energy-consuming methods that allow you to get rid of negative negatives daily. For example, taking a shower before going to bed, you can imagine that the water is washing away everything that is cloudy and bad. Such visualization will allow you to simply physically sense how all the extraneous material that has been interfering with normal energy exchange has disappeared from you.
Another way to remove the evil eye - when it takesA glass in which on? Water is poured. It drops 3 spoons. Each of them alternately should be stopped by water, scooped up and poured back into the glass, while saying: "If the spoon does not come out, it will not come off (your name)." After all three spoons have been used, drink three sips of this water, and that that remains, wash. You will immediately feel better.
Is it possible to protect yourself from the evil eye? Of course, yes. To do this, there are all kinds of amulets, small images of saints who wear themselves-for children, Turkish bracelets with stylized "eyes" are best suited. If such a bracelet is destroyed or lost, it means that he could not stand the accumulated negative, and it was time to replace it with a new one.

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