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How to remove the dust

Most people collect a vacuum cleaner dust

Any cleaning of the house starts with the dust.

Pollen, small fibers, dirt particles, plant spores, animal dander? it all turns fine suspension in the air and deposited evenly on the surface of the objects around us.

Simply wiping the dust, you just lift it into the air.

Wander around the room, it will fall into place.

You will need

  • - A damp cloth
  • - A vacuum cleaner
  • - Duster



A simple swipe will create the illusion of a clean andIt can be even dangerous to health. Dust lying peacefully on the floor or furniture, even if it did not look very attractive, but it never stopped anyone. Sending a speck of dust in free flight, you and your surroundings are starting to breathe in all this dirt, until it settles again. It is better to observe the ugly mass of gray than it easy to score.


Many have suggested that the vacuum cleaner as seen fromits name, for collecting dust. However, this is very misleading. The vacuum cleaner draws in dust along with the litter. Sor delayed inside a bag or container, but the fine dust particles is very difficult to keep, they emitted a jet of air back into the room. If the vacuum cleaner is stored the remains of garbage from the last harvest, the dust is added to fresh even bacteria multiplied in the vacuum cleaner during this time. Partly salvation can become a vacuum cleaner with water or hepa filter, but it is completely free you from the dust can not. This does not mean that in general do not need to be vacuumed. Just get ready for the fact that after the primary vacuuming you will have to clean up even fine dust thrown them in the air.


It is best not to look like dust, and collect ata damp cloth. If some moisture is counter-surfaces, use an electrostatic cloth. Items with uneven surfaces, such as blinds, such as wiping difficult. Take your thing on her balcony and obmahnite Duster? special feather duster or synthetic fibers.


Well, as the saying goes, any problem is easierto prevent than to deal with it later. This rule applies to dust. Prefer closed cabinets and open shelves showcase, remove all the beautiful but useless trinkets under glass, treat the surface of the antistatic furniture, as frequently as possible and change the filter bag in a vacuum cleaner, ventilate the room. All these simple tricks to help you collect less dust in the air and on objects around you.

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