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How to remove the demo mode in Compass

How to remove the demo mode in Compass

Demo mode in the "Compass" is needed toto users for a certain period of time you can make free use of the program and understand whether to give money for it should be or should buy another type of software.

You will need

  • - Your network connection.



Open the program "Compass", make sure you ended the trial period and the action is no other system failure.


Follow the menu installer program,remove the program "Compass" from your computer completely with the removal of custom folders, system settings, etc. Then open the "My Computer", go to your local system disk, then in the folder Program Files.


Make sure that there is not a remote directoryProgram you. Keep in mind that it may be called according to the name of the manufacturer. Remove completely folder, if it exists, and then restart the computer.


If you have no distribution of this program,download it from the official website of the developer. Perform the installation by following the installation wizard. For best results, you do not select the installation directory Program Files, and any other folder on your local disk, it is best, of course, create a new one for this purpose.


Run the installed program and useit throughout the trial period. If in this case you immediately receive a demo mode, clean the registry. If this does not work, make sure that your copy of the software is licensed, and feel free to contact technical support the company.


Take advantage of the true and lawful way -pay a license to use the software product "Compass". To do this, go to the manufacturer's website, select the "Purchase" menu, enter the name of the product, its version, enter the details of a credit card or other payment method for purchase.


Complete the process and use the software provided, respectively, with license agreement terms, which it is desirable to get acquainted to the payment of the goods.

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