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How to remove the cylinder head


How to remove the cylinder head</a>

Under the head of the cylinder blocks is meant a cover that protects the unit from the effects of external negative influences. This part is made of aluminum alloy or alloyed cast iron.

It is necessary to remove the cylinder head when the engine of the car is completely disassembled, in the event of the replacement of valves or for the removal of deposits that may form on the surface of the combustion chambers.

You will need

  • - Folding wrench-
  • - the car key.



Before removing the head of the vehicleIt is necessary to install on the lift, after which it is necessary to disconnect the wire from the negative terminal of the battery. After that, lift the car and drain the radiator coolant. To do this, open the heater cock and unscrew the drain plugs from the radiator and the cylinder block.


From the exhaust manifold, detach the intake pipeMufflers and take out a bracket of a pipe of the pump of a cooling liquid. Release the machine and remove the air filter. To do this, it is sufficient to unscrew the hoses for the ventilation of the crankcase and the cylinder head cover from the carburettor, as well as the hose whose task is to supply heated air from the air filter thermostat. Then, close the carburetor with the process cover.


Disconnect the wires from the distribution sensorIgnition and candles, as well as from the carburetor. Also do not forget to disconnect the wires from the sensor showing the coolant level and the engine oil pressure warning lamp. Then, from the sensor and the carburetor, unscrew the vacuum hose and remove the sensor.


Now you need to detach the hoses from the fuelPump and carburettor, and from the intake pipe, unscrew the tube of the economometer and the hose that goes to the brake booster. Then disconnect hoses from the branch pipe of the engine cooling jacket.


Then, from the engine, disconnect the air and throttle cable of the carburettor. In addition, you need to remove the cover of the timing belt and cylinder head.


Place the gearshift lever onNeutral position. Then turn the crankshaft, moving strictly clockwise. Do this until the mark applied to the flywheel is set against the middle mark of the scale.


To remove the shaft with the roller and remoteRing, unscrew the nut of its fastening. Then, detach the belt from the camshaft pulley and, while holding the pulley from the scrolling, carefully unscrew the fixing bolt, and then easily remove it with the key.


Now you can unscrew the nut with which the toothed belt cover is attached to the cylinder head and remove it together with the gasket.

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