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How to remove the cylinder head

Removing the cylinder head

By means of the cylinder head cover, which protects the unit from external negative influences. It made this detail of an aluminum alloy or alloyed cast iron.

To remove the cylinder head comes with a complete disassembly of the engine of the car, in case of replacement of the valve or to remove carbon deposits that can form on the surface of the combustion chambers.

You will need

  • - Union key-
  • - Open-end wrench.



Before removing the head of the vehiclemust be installed on the lift, then it is necessary to disconnect the wire from the negative terminal of the battery. After that, raise the vehicle and drain the radiator coolant. To do this, open the heater tap and unscrew the drain plug from the radiator and engine block.


From loosen the exhaust manifold exhaust pipemufflers and remove the bracket tube coolant pump. Release the machine and remove the air filter. It's enough to loosen from the carburetor and crankcase ventilation hoses head cover cylinder and hose, whose task is to feed the heated air from the temperature control of the air filter. Then close the lid carburetor technology.


Disconnect the wires from the distribution of the sensorand spark plugs as well as the carburetor. Also, be sure to disconnect the wires from the sensor, showing the coolant level and oil pressure lamps in the engine. After that, the sensor and remove the carburettor vacuum hose and remove the sensor itself.


Now you need to disconnect the hose from the fuelpump and the carburetor and the intake pipe from the pipe, unscrew econometrics and hose that goes to the brake servo. Next, disconnect the hose from the vent pipe of the engine cooling jacket.


Then disconnect the drive from the motor cables and air carburetor throttle valves. In addition, you will need to remove the cover of a gear belt and cylinder heads.


Put the gear shift lever in theneutral. Then scroll to the crankshaft, moving strictly clockwise. This should be done as long as the label is applied to the handwheel, there is arranged opposite the middle of the scale.


To remove the axis of the roller and remotering, unscrew the nut of its fastening. Then remove the belt from the camshaft pulley and while holding the pulley from turning, gently loosen the fixing bolt, and then can easily take it along with the key.


Now you can unscrew the nut by means of which the toothed belt cover is fixed to the cylinder head, and pull it together with a lining.

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